Spirits In The Sixth Borough: Gaslight

LocalBozo.com has sent one of our correspondents out for some field research, as our own Link Cromwell attempts to bar crawl his way through Hoboken, New Jersey- just a stones throw away from Manhattan. Check back for his adventures and travels every single Friday as LocalBozo.com attempts to do the unimaginable. And yes, it involves drinking.

Like many spots I’ve visited previously, Gaslight is a bar that sits smack dab in a seemingly residential neighborhood. On a quiet intersection of 4th and Adams, Gaslight is a dive bar, perhaps known best for their food, but packs a sizable restaurant in back. It’s a place frequented more so by locals rather than a touristy bunch, since it’s close, but not too close to the Path, making that a highlight for our small group on a routine Wednesday night.

Classic rock from The Beatles set as the backdrop as we stared over the bar at ESPN. Seats at the bar were filled, so we jumped at a high top and took a look around the space. Inside, Gaslight’s setup is reminiscent of an old Italian restaurant, with a curved brick entryway into the restaurant area and beaten up high top tables in the bar area. The 7 televisions surrounding the bar make Gaslight an ideal spot to hit up for a game, since the menu offers up delicacies from a “seared ahi tuna” ($19) to a traditional “southern fried chicken” ($16), rather than traditional pub fare. The “cornmeal & panko crusted tilapia” ($16) here is especially tasty. And that’s not withstanding the $3 Coors Light draught specials that we slugged down, on a quieter work night in the neighborhood.

But at its core, Gaslight is an unpretentious neighborhood bar that prides itself on being just that, with some inventive food. Is it the best bar in Hoboken? Maybe to some- their ladies night specials are a typical drawing card. For a New Yorker, a $3 beer sounds worth going out of your way for- that is until you realize that just about every bar in the Square Mile offers a similar special, and some are more distinctive than this one. Gaslight is what it is- a good, run of the mill spot, typical of what Hoboken is famous for.

So here’s the rundown…

Preconceived notion – After hearing so much about ladies’ night here, I was expecting packs of women and perhaps more of an upscale spot

Bar Type – Casual, laid back neighborhood bar that doubles as a restaurant

Crowd stereotype – Late twenties and early thirties locals grabbing a bite at the bar. Smaller groups of similar ages dropping in for a pint

Music – Traditional rock n roll, mostly The Beatles

Value – $3 for a draught beer? I wish we weren’t working the next day!

Good for a….

Date – Perhaps in the back area of the restaurant where it’s likely to be nicer for a date. The food is more upscale here, so on a third date- some good food and a cheap way to get your buzz on may be the way to go.

Hookup – Figure out when ladies night is, and come then. I think it’s safe to say, we blew it.

Dance – Once the booze starts flowing and it hits the witching hour, you should be able to get your swerve on.

Catch up with a friend – This is a perfect early evening spot to catch up with someone.

First or last drink of the night – This is an ideal spot.

Overall – Gaslight is not necessarily a special place, nor does it need to be. It offers a prix fixed menu, a solid brunch, good values, and a ladies night, and acts like a perfect getaway if you’re living in a remote sort of Suburbia. Are there better restaurants and nicer bars? Probably, but on a night where you don’t want to think, head somewhere easy, and get drunk fast, Gaslight is your bar… I’ll give it a 7.0.

-Link Cromwell


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