Events — 06 December 2012
Beth Stern Hosts Benefit for Long Island Bulldog Rescue at Midtown Loft

Blog: Beth Sterns Cocktails For The Paws

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Beth Stern (formerly Ostrosky) is known for a great many things. A beautiful supermodel. A television personality. Wife of legendary New York City radio icon Howard Stern. But each of these pale in comparison to her work as an activist for animal welfare. Tuesday night, the posh space at The Midtown Loft and Terrace was decked out for a classy affair to benefit the Long Island Bulldog Rescue entitled “Cocktails For The Paws.” The three hour evening featured silent auction items, an open bar, passed around hors d’oeuvres , and even the opportunity to meet some real life bulldogs with their gleeful owners, all to raise awareness and a good deal of funds for the folks at the LIBR..

Presented by the Petco Foundation, “Cocktails For The Paws” kicked off in grand style at 7pm from the ritzy 11th floor room. With all proceeds from ticket sales, donations, and silent auction items going directly to help heal and house abandoned or abused English bulldogs, keeping any dollars in our pocket proved fruitless once seeing these delicate creatures in person. The three dogs in attendance, all dolled up in their evening wear mind you, seemed to realize that the evening was about them- jumping from plush couch to plush couch, posing for pictures, and even riding a skateboard (Beefy, the Skateboarding Bulldog) around the space’s wooden floors.

Guests meanwhile perused the silent auction, taking time to read up on the work being done by the LIBR in terms of rescuing and rehabilitating the abused animals and having them relocated safely to loving domains, with people to care for them. The room itself was all bulldog- from the LIBR logo-infused napkins to the bulldog inspired artwork that was up for bidding- making the theme of the night an obvious one from the start. Shortly before 8pm, the evening’s hostess made her way across the room in grand fashion, and although “Cocktails For The Paws” certainly was about fundraising for the Long Island Bulldog Rescue, everyone’s eyes in the room were drawn to Beth Stern. The thin, tall beauty graced the room in a long white dress, her killer smile making everyone in the room grateful to have ponied up the funds to be a part of the benefit.

The former Beth O immediately strode into a side area, posing for pictures with some of the principles behind the LIBR and with the dogs themselves, making photo opportunities a must amidst a sea of flashing bulbs. The gracious host casually chatted up anyone willing to approach her, doing her part to be accommodating to attendees who came out in support of the imperative cause. While there is certainly no shortage of attention worthy causes that deserve our awareness, it’s easy to lose sight of these helpless animals, abused and abandoned, that cannot fend for themselves. The Long Island Bulldog Rescue focuses on education for owners, breeders, and prospective adopters to ensure that these animals are given the life-long care required for them to live a healthy life. And although the wildly successful “Cocktails For The Paws” event is now behind us, the battle ahead still remains, and there’s no reason for you not to get involved. To make a donation or to learn more about what you can do to help out the LIBR, check out the Just seeing one of these adorable English bulldogs in person will reinforce the fact that you made the right decision.

- Jane Van Arsdale

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  1. “…I’m sorry, you just caught me with a mouth full of salad”

  2. Aww Beth looked gorgeous. Congrats on a successful event! Zoo Za Zoooo

  3. “Supermodel”? Hardly! I beg to differ. She is nor ever was in the same league as Linda Evangelista and Christy Turlington. Beth modeled for Ames and Habands catalogs as well as some men’s magazines. No, Beth is a horse of a different color. By the way, notice in the last photo the three people are posing with each other happily, engaged in a playful pose together. Meanwhile, Beth is narcissistically mugging for the camera for herself.

  4. Beth was a supermodel? Wow, I didn’t know that. This is a great article. I thought she modeled henleys in an Ames catalog and Calcutta cloth pants.

  5. And how much did Stern pay you to write this? She’s known for being a gold-digging beard. That’s it. Maybe you should take the time to investigate her shady upbringing or her mysterious “career” trotting all over the eastern hemisphere providing favors. All of her special needs animals arrive at her doorstep declawed and she committed one of the cruelest abuses of an animal breed by buying a bulldog. A genetic abomination that suffers through it’s entire short life just to be a prop in her ego driven “photoshoots” with her irrelevant husband. But 112 Productions won’t pay for those kind of articles will they?

  6. she is a supermodoe…zoozazoo

  7. I hope Van Arsdale scrubbed herself down with a wire brush after selling her integrity to write such drivel. How many pieces of silver did the Shylock give you to make up such a fairy tale about his horse. Truly vomit inducing. Why is Beth letting so many animals die instead of spending Howards gold to adopt a few? It’s all about getting that disturbing looking sharks mouth and Asian eyes on the cover of any rag that will have her.

  8. Zoo Za Zoo! It’s the new Gangnam Style.

  9. …beth please just shut up and go back to whoring.
    thank you

  10. Rich people dressing up their dogs for photo ops. What a great cause! Beth Stern would show up anywhere that there are cameras. Her favorite hobby is having old Howard take pictures of her to Tweet.

  11. Hilaria Baldwin would be a good choice for this. She is a much fresher face

  12. Beth Stern is doing God’s work bringing much needed attention and money towards the plight of bulldogs and retarded cats. She doesn’t deserve the lambasting she’s getting from a bunch of mouth breathers hiding behind their keyboards. I applaud Beth for taking on this challenge with other so caleed “celebrities” are hitching their wagons to pseudo causes like Hurricane Sandy victims, Haitian earthquake refugees, sufferers of Alzheimers and child abuse…the list goes on and on and on. Thanks for keeping it real, you’re a true beauty. Zoozazoo!!!

  13. Beth would make a perfect spokesmodel for Lane Bryant..She understand how hard it is to find dresses in larger sizes ..Especially shoes. Thanks for representing the larger girl…

  14. Who is this horse and why is it famous?

  15. You always said I was gifted but you never knew just how much.

  16. So this is what became of Deirdre Imus.

  17. Do you ZaZoo?
    I do
    I do ZaZoo
    I do
    I do
    I do
    Zoozazoo !!!

  18. Beth looks nice in that red dress. Oh wait a minute. That’s the dog.