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Seether Drummer John Humphrey on Carrying the Torch of Grunge

In the mid-1990′s alternative band The Nixons became a fairly well known rock act with radio friendly singly “Sister” leading the band to a degree of stardom. After four album releases and the dawn of the 2000′s, the band’s brief hiatus turned into a full-on dissolve. But undeterred, the band’s drummer would find a new life in a new band, and finding success there would far surpass anything that came before.

Drummer John Humphrey joined his South African rock mates in Seether back in 2003, just before the band would reach its first true peak. His drumming proved to be a stabilizing presence on the sticks in the face of lineup changes that both preceded his arrival and in the midst of the band saying goodbye to two different lead guitar players. Today, the band remains a three piece outfit, using touring members to fill in where necessary. But with a live show that rarely misses a beat in support of successful album releases that continue to showcase the band’s longevity, Seether remains firmly entrenched as one of the last true bands that carry on the legacy of ‘grunge.’ And they do it in their own way.

Tuesday, January 20th marks the band’s return to New York City as a jam packed Terminal 5 is set to welcome Seether in a co-headlining performance alongside Papa Roach. With support from bands like Kyng and Islander, the four band bill is sure to be a nonstop love letter to the modern rock genre, carried out by two of its most underappreciated acts. In anticipation of the band’s return to New York, sat down with Seether drummer John Humphrey for an exclusive interview. Listen in as we discuss how the tour with Papa Roach came about, working with producer Brendan O’Brien on their latest album, being one of the last remaining torch bearers for the grunge movement, his chemistry with other musicians on stage and so much more. And make sure to grab your tickets for Seether’s show at Terminal 5 on January 20th now!

- Dave Gendelson

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