Everything Else Interviews — 22 December 2010
The League’s Jon Lajoie Sits Down for an Interview with LocalBozo.com

Canada – the great white north- has become one of the biggest exporters of brilliant comedians to our fair nation.  From “The Kids in the Hall” all the way to Mike Myers, these Canucks sure know their humor. That trend continues today with French-Canadian product Jon Lajoie tearing up both the internet and television with his own brand of comedy.

The Montreal born Lajoie is making his mark on the comedy world by utilizing the omnipresent power of the internet and the phenomenon known as viral videos.  Videos like, “Everyday Normal Guy,” and “WTF Collective” have become massive hits on Funny Or Die and YouTube, respectively.

Lajoie’s web stardom has led to him landing a role on the immensely popular, FX series, “The League,” which was just renewed for a third season.  The show centers around a group of long time friends in the Chicago area who partake in a fantasy football league each fall season. The comedy in the series stems from each character mercilessly ripping on, and embarrassing another strictly for personal gain.  If you like, “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” this is a show that you’ll clearly also enjoy.

Lajoie portrays the character of “Taco,” a guy who gets himself involved with bizarre situations and often writes hilarious songs about them.  This role could not be more perfect for Lajoie as he directly gets to directly infuse his comedic style into the character. He is joined on the sitcom by fellow comedians Nick Kroll, and Paul Scheer, who are equally as hilarious.

LocalBozo.com was lucky enough to sit down with Jon Lajoie and break down his feelings on comedy, his acting career, influences, and discuss his new comedy album “I Kill People,” which is out in stores and available on iTunes right now.  Check out our interview with one of the most innovative comedy minds to cross the Canadian border in quite some time!

- Alan Smithee

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