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The Real ‘Walk of Shame’ Is to the Theater


Even though Elizabeth Banks brings her usual charm and charismatic flare, her newest romantic comedy “Walk of Shame” (R) fails to deliver in the same regard.

The story opens with squeaky-clean local news anchor, Meghan Miles (Banks), interviewing for a job where she ends up being one of the final two candidates for an anchorwoman opening at a national news program. Soon after, she comes home to a half empty house, courtesy of her now ex-fiance, and a phone call from her Producer that the network decided to lean in the other direction. After very minimal convincing from her two best friends, the three girls head out for a night on the town when Meghan meets charming bartender Gordon (James Marsden), who whisks her away for the remainder of the evening (bet you couldn’t guess from the title). And the next morning is when things get “interesting” as Meghan attempts to locate her impounded car for the next 12 hours.

While Meghan’s outrageous confrontations with the likes of law enforcement, drug dealers and prostitutes during her journey certainly bring about some laughs (2-3 max), the script is an overall flop. The plot seemed original (I can’t recall too many, if any, films about the morning after a one night stand, at least from a woman’s perspective), but in the end, seemed to be trying too hard for laughs and was just downright too unrealistic to relate to and to a degree, to be unbothered by. How does it take over twelve hours for a woman to get home in the city in which she both lives and is familiar? “Walk of Shame” lays the foundation for what could have been a solid comedic film, but the structure and framework here are far from sound.

Though conceptually, “Walk of Shame” boasted a cast with great potential, especially when you think about the different scenarios a woman might encounter, the film is simply is not that go-to movie that we were hoping for.

β€œWalk of Shame” starring Elizabeth Banks and James Marsden is rated R, has a runtime of 95 minutes, and is released in theaters everywhere on Friday, May 2nd.

- Alexandra Fetsey

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