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New Clinton Hill Shop Flexes its Peck’s

Blog: Peck's Clinton Hill Opens

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Fresh locally sourced fare, craft beers, and an outdoor seating area in Brooklyn’s Clinton Hill are just some of what you can expect to find at Peck’s, the neighborhood’s newest arrival to a slowly burgeoning Myrtle Avenue food scene. The opening festivities kicked off in style on Wednesday night, continuing into this evening with small food tastings and refreshments intended to celebrate Peck’s arrival after months of anticipation. And although it’s a place in its infancy, the lineage of Peck’s to New York City dates back several decades.

Far be it for us to remember Ratner’s, a Lower East Side staple that shuttered in 2004 after being in business for almost a century, as our arrival to the big apple came in the few years that followed. But longtime city-folk look back fondly on a Manhattan institution that served up meatless kosher fare while nearby Katz’s was slinging hot pastrami and corned beef. Ratner’s had been established by the great-grandparents of Peck’s owner Theodore Peck and although conceptually his niche product grocery differs some, there’s still a lingering effect of Ratner’s success within the refurbished walls of Peck’s.

Theodore Peck was front and center upon our arrival Wednesday night, welcoming guests inside the newly opened space and encouraging them to help themselves to a veritable feast of some of the restaurant’s housemade dishes. From nearby neighbors to esteemed members of the media, the narrow interior filled up fairly quickly, as groups of chatting gatherers were handed glasses of Prosecco and beer pours to pair with the array of eats on hand. Salty potatoes fried in chicken fat, delicately prepared Brussels sprouts, and chopped liver crostinis were delectable alternates to the spread of charcuterie and cheeses near a basket of rustic bread slices.

But a visit to Peck’s, especially if you live nearby, is essential for their desserts, namely the hamentashen, the macaroons and the bite sized black and white cookies which are dangerously addictive if you lose your focus. As the place gets fully up and running, you can also expect the likes of fresh pastries, a full coffee bar, rotisserie chicken and much more whether eating in house or grabbing some food to go. Peck’s is truly a welcoming neighborhood spot that based on its owner’s family roots and a little bit of luck, will be doling out delicious food and drink in Clinton Hill for years and years to come.

- Jane Van Arsdale

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