Features NY Life — 31 December 2013
New Year’s Eve in the Big City


2013 has seemingly disappeared just as quickly as she arrived and the dates that once seemed far off in the distance have unexpectedly crept up on us quickly. The coming days will bring a Super Bowl into New York City and the Winter Olympics back into our lives and before you know it, the icy days of February will be behind us as we look forward to the warmer days of May and June. But today, we celebrate another banner year. We revel in the memories that 2013 brought us- both good ones and bad ones- forever impacting the paths our lives will lead. Too deep a thought for a website that revolves around wine events and rock concerts? Maybe. But lets not lose sight of how far we’ve come in 2013 as we commemorate its passing in style. Raise a glass to 2014, and let it be our best year yet.

-The LocalBozo Crew

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