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Oleander’s Thomas Flowers Finds ‘Something Beautiful’ With

It was 1999. You likely had blonde highlights, a Limp Bizkit decal on your ten year old car, and were just starting to figure out what this whole Y2K thing was all about. Long before satellite radio and portable music devices became all the rage, with a modern rock radio station blaring out of your car speakers, you likely stumbled across “Why I’m Here,” the slow-building, catchy as hell hit song that brought Sacramento California rockers Oleander to the forefront of the rock music genre. Today, with the release of their fourth studio album- “Something Beautiful”- out earlier this month, the band proves that despite the full decade that has lapsed in between releases, they haven’t lost touch with the signature sound so familiar to their core audience.

At its core, the band collectively create songs that effectively mesh an eclectic mix of the slow and melodic with the fast-paced and fun, proven by the selection of tracks chosen for this album. The new single which shares the title with the album itself is a testament to the band’s musical competencies- an entertaining, almost throwback style song, with an inspired rallying chorus of rock. While other songs have leaked from the album along the way like “Daylight” (2010) and “Fight!” featuring MMA fighter Uriah Faber, it certainly seems as if the band has held on to the album’s finest points for its full release. The guised slow-building “Bulletproof” is an all out rocker, exemplifying the band’s trademark sound like perhaps none other on the record, while the more rock radio friendly tone set by “You Are The One” is neither parts overly hard or slowly prodding, but instead is a simply upbeat, appealing track that has a certain indefinable feel-good nature to it.

As the band begins to plot out its initial spring and summertime jaunt, they’re likely to unfold a bevy of stops which currently are unreleased. But make no mistake about it- the band is primed for a full on tour and is excited to be back out and performing music for its fans once again. Before the band makes a stop in your area, was fortunate enough to sit down with Oleander frontman Thomas Flowers. Listen in to our exclusive interview above as we discuss the band’s hiatus and subsequent return with their new album “Something Beautiful,” how Oleander’s approach to songwriting has changed as the music industry has transitioned, if the singer himself spends much time trying to recreate the band’s early successes, what first timers can expect from a live Oleander show, and so much more. Flowers was as candid and openly excited about the future of the band as one would anticipate, on the heels of Oleander’s return to the rock scene. And his time spent with us is a testament to that. Make sure to listen in above, and check out for up to the minute band info and tour dates.

- Jane Van Arsdale

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