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Mika at Music Hall of Williamsburg: A Concert Review

Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY
April 12, 2013

Concert Review: Mika at Music Hall of Williamsburg

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A sea of pop hungry men and women filled the Music Hall of Williamsburg for one man dressed in a green crushed velvet suit that resembled either “Oz The Great and Powerful” or the winner of the Masters golf tournament. The man in question wasn’t any of these aforementioned larger than life personas, but actually standing before us was mega popular crooner Mika. On this evening, Mika would take a rare step away from his typically grandiose performance settings and strip it down for an intimate performance for a completely sold out crowd of Brooklynites.

Shortly after 10pm the lights went out and a few sparse flash bulbs filled the air above the stage. In a thunderous applause Mika jumped out front with a huge grin on his face while his band of two in matching suspenders followed in toe. The singer-songwriter wasted nary a moment to sit down at a large black grand piano and welcome in the very special evening. Giving the audience literally everything they could possible want from the get go, Mika busted right into “Grace Kelly,” perhaps the artist’s most well known hit to date.

The young singer tickled the ivories and belted out the lyrics like it was second nature. Mika has been often compared to the late Freddie Mercury with his magnetic persona which is attention grabbing enough to immediately make you a believer. From the jump off, the rabid audience was primed and would be treated to a barrage of fun sing-a-long favorites like “Toy Boy,” “Lollipop,” and the highlight of the performance for us- “Blue Eyes,” which almost requires audience participation and even some dancing. Throughout this particular song Mika himself could be found dancing at his piano before running to the very edge of the stage to open his jacket ala Superman.

During and even in between songs Mika would stand at center stage conducting the audience like a southern preacher spreading the virtues of all things pop music. The overstuffed set rolled on with treats like “Billy Brown” and the very tongue in cheek “Popular Song.” This became another choice nugget digested by the wildly excitable crowd on hand. Meanwhile, “Love You When I’m Drunk” played brilliantly to a collection of fans who had likely imbibed plenty of spirits before the late start of this show. The fun and energetic set only continued to fuel Mika the man himself, whose stage presence and penchant for live performing would be felt long after we left Williamsburg Brooklyn behind us.

- Jay Rubin

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