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Author Ted Reed at Bergino Baseball Clubhouse

Blog: Author Ted Reed at Bergino Baseball Clubhouse

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The boys of summer are back in full swing, rewarding those who love America’s pastime with one of the finest season starts in years in both Queens and the Bronx. Although it’s only the end of May, New Yorkers have it pretty good right now with two teams and plenty of great locations to both catch the games and talk about it for hours on end. Since 2010 one such venue has been providing ball fans with a unique place to meet up and purchase some truly amazing baseball memorabilia unavailable elsewhere. Located wonderfully between Union Square and Greenwich Village sits the “Bergino Baseball Clubhouse,” an establishment baseball lovers can truly call home.

‘Bergino’ comes from the mind of longtime political consultant, sports agent, and entrepreneur, Jay Goldberg. Goldberg set out to create a destination where baseball fans of all walks of life are able to come support the game they love, while taking fantastic walks down memory lane. And in a way to set his sporting business far apart from all others, Goldberg creates handmade custom baseballs for corporations, celebrities, and even for Bar Mitzvahs. The amount of detail and quality put into each ball is outstanding, making it a perfect piece for any collection. During our inaugural visit to ‘Bergino,’ we were blown away but the sheer volume of memorabilia inside. From subway signs to Yankee Stadium, all the way to baseball themed gumball machines, this place has got it.

Goldberg and ‘Bergino’ don’t stop their cool with a grandiose collection of baseball artifacts and custom balls. The spot doubles as an event space, bringing in some of the most notable baseball writers and personalities for near weekly events and podcast tapings. On Wednesday night, we headed to the Baseball Clubhouse to join the podcast audience to hear author and transportation reporter for TheStreet.com, Ted Reed, speak about his book, “Carl Furillo, Brooklyn Dodgers All-Star.” Reed spoke candidly about his subject- Carl Furillo, a ball player who many believe was dealt a bad hand during his day. Furillo was the focal point of a major controversy regarding negative comments history has proven that he did not make about baseball legend, Jackie Robinson.

Through exhaustive research and interviews with Carl Furillo, Furillo Jr., and other key players, he has been able to dispel the rumor that Furillo was against Robinson playing ball for the Brooklyn Dodgers. Legacies prove imperative to how any of us are remembered and this goes double for public figures. Luckily we have people like Ted Reed out there to do the real work and not just parrot things heard in the mass media as in “The Jackie Robinson Story,” which all out bashes Furillo.

As Reed had finished his presentation, the crowd was invited to ask questions. As the questions began flowing, an organic conversation between Reed and the audience broke out. Fans of all ages provided truck loads of baseball memories and factors about the Furillo situation leading to a lively discussion, wrapping up the podcast on a great note. Great events just like this will be happening at ‘Bergino’ throughout June. Head on over to their website for a full calendar. Once you walk through the doors it’s easy to see why this place is a truly unique look into baseball’s past and present.

- Jay Rubin

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