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NYC’s Openhouse Gallery Presents Park Here: An Indoor Pop Up Park

Openhouse Gallery
201 Mulberry Street between Kenmare Street & Spring Street, Nolita
(212) 334-0288
Getting There: N, R To Prince Street

In this city, space is at a premium even when you’re outside. Since we are mere days away from Christmas, the temperatures force us to remain indoors most of the time, couped up in crowded movie theaters or at tiny restaurants to keep warm and occupy our time. The innovative folks and their partners at Nolita’s Openhouse Gallery have created a seasonal, sensational “Pop Up” spot like none other- an indoor park, set to resemble the outdoors. It’s Park Here, and not surprisingly, it’s only here for a short while.

The LocalBozo crew headed to this respite on a rainy New York City day- a time when no one wants to be outdoors. Once passing through the two large front doors you are instantly greeted by beds of green foliage and a running fountain, matching something that you might find in historic Central Park. Once descending the stairs of the entrance way, the first large room features plenty of space for unwinding, either on the plush grass, or sitting atop a picnic blanket or anover-sized bean bag chair. Each of these outdoorsy amenities have all been provided free for guests use. This main space also doubles as a venue for the Rolling Stone concert series, another truly unique brand integration to the space with bands like Dawes and Deer Tick parading around the outdoors-inside space.

The organizers have made sure that absolutely no one has been left out here. Want to surf the net? Not a problem. Patrons can bring in their laptops as the park features high speed WiFi. Foodies and wine lovers are also treated to several tastings during the season. Vendors like Robicelli’s, Stuffed Artisan Cannolis, and Macaron Parlour are amongst the tasty samplings on hand during the Park’s three month pop up window.

The Openhouse Gallery is known for housing some of the city’s most talked about events. The space is truly dynamic and boasts every modern convenience for a business trying to strut it’s stuff to the public and for now, the Gallery itself is finally the show. And, what a relaxing, only in New York City show it is. Be sure to check out Openspace Gallery’s website for park hours and special events during the month of January. The Park closes shop for good on February 15th. Stop wasting time being cramped into that tiny coffee shop and start taking advantage of this flat out cool open space.

- Jay Rubin

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