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The Holiday Shops at Bryant Park: Now Open For The Season

Blog: The Holiday Shops at Bryant Park

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The Holiday Shops at Bryant Park
41 W 40th St
New York, NY 10018
Getting There: F to 42nd Street- Bryant Park


It’s beginning to look a lot like…the Holiday Shops at Bryant Park are open again! The historic midtown park will play host to world class shopping in an urban oasis for it’s tenth year. Now through January 8th, New Yorkers and out of town guests with be able to skate, shop, and eat seven days a week. The LocalBozo crew was fortune enough to get a preview of what might be the best open air market in the city.

A trip to the park must begin with a stop at Celsius, the two-story glass-enclosed restaurant with views of the park, ice rink, shops, and tree! Parties may dine either inside or out on the deck, with strategically placed heat lamps keeping you warm. While you marvel at this structure and all of its amenities, one needs to realize it’s only open for the winter season. So whether enjoying a four course meal or a simple drink, you have to head over to Celsius and marvel at how cool this place really is.

The European style open-air market hugs against the always packed Citi Pond ice skating rink, making it feel like Christmas Eve anytime you stroll by. The long rows of glass shop stalls are filled with expertly made artisan products, many of which are locally made. Be the envy of everyone on your block with hand crafted holiday decorations that will leave your neighbors scratching their head wondering where you found these items. Or head to the park with friends and loved ones to spend an entire weekend afternoon finding a perfect gift for that special someone. And lest we forget about the last minute shopper, don’t worry- you are covered. Anything you buy at the Holiday Shops will appear to have been thought out for months.

All that walking around and skating is going to make you hungry. Luckily you will only have to walk mere feet to grab a bite. For those with a sweet tooth may we suggest grabbing one of “Wafel & Dinges” expertly made decadent Belgian treats. We recommend you order yours loaded! If you want something on the saltier side head over to, “Pickle Me Pete” for a seemingly endless menu of these brine filled delicacies. Try the super spicy ones for some major heat and great flavor.Β 

Old man winter is blowing our way at a rapid pace. We couldn’t think of a better way for New Yorkers and its seasonal visitors to embrace this better. So hit the ice, the shops, and all the great eats! Just make sure you bundle up and grab some hot cider. It’s winter after all.

- Jay RubinΒ 

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