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Doro At The Gramercy Theatre: A Concert Review

DORO In Concert
The Gramercy Theatre, New York, NY
September 9th, 2011

If Ronnie James Dio was the king of metal, then Doro Pesch is most certainly its queen. Since 1982, the blonde rocker from Deutschland has been making a name for herself with an arena metal sound that comes with a message. From a fan perceptive it appears that Doro’s favorite place to be is on stage. Luckily for a sold out Gramercy Theatre crowd we got Doro’s very best and so much more.

Prior to Doro’s live performance the audience was treated to a viewing of the live concert DVD “25 Years In Rock,” featuring the entire 25-year anniversary concert, filmed in front of about 10,000 enthusiastic fans in Düsseldorf, Germany. Throughout the presentation chants of “We love you Doro” echoed throughout the theatre, from men and woman alike.

Shortly after, the screen was raised to thunderous applause, leaving a dark stage with purple lights streaming from above. It caused a cool ghoulish glow. And with little warning the first licks of “Earthshaker Rock” kicked in. Doro attacked the stage in way that only she can. I have seldom witnessed a singer connect so quickly to their audience, reciprocating feelings of both elation and love.

During Friday’s performance, Doro would bring out some excellent surprise guests to join her on renditions of her classic songs. One such concert “Easter Egg” was Mark Tornillo, the new lead singer for German band Accept. The sold out crowd went wild for Tornillo, who joined Doro onstage for a face melting version of the classic Warlock track “East Meets West.” The two powerhouse singers took turns belting out the legendary lyrics and catchy chorus.

Doro’s relationship with her fans is based on mutual love and respect. Nowhere was that more prevalent then when the band encored with “All We Are.” Not only is it a great metal anthem, but it is also a perfect way to end a show and send the crowd home with a smile, while pumping their fists. But Doro doesn’t stop there. During the final chorus, she surprisingly came off the stage and over to the front of the audience, choosing lucky fans to sing the memorable words along with her. It brought about a feeling of unity with metal fans of any age.

I have been a fan of Doro and Warlock for several years, but this was my first time seeing her live. As a fan of hard rock, and heavy metal you need to do yourself a favor and check her out the next time she comes to town. It is rare to see such an authentic singer, and human being grace the stage.

- Jay Rubin



 DORO – Live at The Gramercy Theatre, New York, NY

September 9th, 2011


1. Earthshaker Rock
(Warlock cover)
2. I Rule the Ruins
(Warlock cover)
3. Running From the Devil
4. Burning the Witches
(Warlock cover)
5. The Night of the Warlock
6. Egypt
(Dio cover)
7. Metal Racer
(Warlock cover)
8. True as Steel
(Warlock cover)
9. East Meets West
(Warlock cover)
10. Für immer
(Warlock cover)
11. Hellbound/You’re My Family
12. Drum Solo
13. Fight for Rock
(Warlock cover)
14. Raise Your Fist
15. Burn It Up

All We Are
(Warlock cover)


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