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Cold Cave At Bowery Ballroom: A Concert Review

Experimental synthpop rockers, Cold Cave showed a sold out Bowery Ballroom crowd, why they are one of the most talked about indie bands working today. Lead by founder Wesley Eisold, Cold Cave is a high energy, yet dark outfit delivering sounds closely related to that of Depeche Mode, Sisters of Mercy, and the Pet Shop Boys. But at the same time, they are completely original and utterly brilliant.

Before Cold Cave was ready to melt faces, Canadian new wavers Austra  opened the show, pleasing the crowd with their stellar chops. Led by singer songwriter, Katie Stelmanis the band’s sound could be described as beautifully haunting and catchy. We stood in awe as Stelmanis began to belt out the lyrics to “Lose It,” the song that will end up being their break out hit. As the shock of their presence subsided, we instantly got into the groove, bobbing our heads, almost collectively. The intimate space of the Bowery Ballroom helped in rounding out Austra’s sound and impressing all in attendance, reinforcing why it is always important to catch the opening acts, because you never know when you will find your new band obsession.

When the clock struck the witching hour, Cold Cave took the stage to a massive roar of applause. Two synthesizer keyboards lined the front of the stage with drums in the back. Cold Cave’s use of synthesizers replaces any need for string instruments. The show started with Eisold tossing sunflowers into the crowd to the pleasure of fans of both sexes.

The capacity crowd hung on each note and each hardcore synth beat. The front of the house was literally shaking, as concert goers jumped in unison. The tight three piece, all dressed in black, flawlessly recreated songs like “Love Comes Close” and “Confetti” for a live audience, while at the same time extending them into danceable jams. Our only complaint about the show, was the duration of the set as it only clocked in at a touch over an hour. The next time the band returns, we need a two plus hour blistering set. They have the catalog for a nice long slog which a New York audience would devour.

-Jayson Rubin

Cold Cave – Live at The Bowery  Ballroom, New York, NY

August  6th, 2011

1. Icons of Summer
2. Youth and Lust
3. Confetti
4. Love Comes Close
5. Theme From Tomorrowland
6. Villains of the Moon
7. I’ve Seen the Future and It’s No Place for Me
8. Burning Sage


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