NY Life — 18 May 2011
Park Slope’s Fabulous Fifth Street Fair

Blog: Fabulous Fifth Street Fair

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Park Slope’s Fabulous Fifth Street Fair

Sunday, May 15th


New York City’s greatest street fair returned on Sunday, May 15th. Three music stages, great local food, beer, and fun.  And most importantly it was made in Brooklyn!  Its the Fabulous Fifth Avenue Fair, and from Sterling Place all the way down to 12th Street it was truly a party, Brooklyn style.

We arrived at the fair at 1pm, and it was already going strong. Two things caught our eye right away. First, one of our favorite Park Slope bars, The Gate, was set up outside with a truck pouring pints of Radeberger Pilsner. It is an excellent brew for an outdoor celebration. If that wasn’t enough, there was a stage just steps away featuring the thrash-metal band, ‘Shitkill’ which is a member of, THOR (Tomato’s House Of Rock). THOR is a rock music school for seriously creative young musicians. The founder is Chris “Tomato” Harfenist, the leader of ‘The Sound Of Urchin,’ and drummer for ‘Diamondsnake.’ Both bands play killer music, and prove that NYC still rocks.

Tomato has 15 years of experience teaching and mentoring young rock musicians. He has guided students as both a private teacher and as a creative director of many rock programs and performances in NYC. Tomato utilizes every aspect of his music business experience to give each THOR member the knowledge and focus necessary to become their own unique artist. Shitkill, not only has one of the best band names ever, but it is their musical ability, and desire to shred that melted my thrash metal loving face.

The weather may not have been in our favor, but no one told the hundreds of revelers that. The streets were jam packed, with both hungry and thirsty patrons as far as the eye could see. Speaking of food and drink, this fair was filled to the gills with both.  The first, and best food item we sampled was the Brisket sandwich from Blue Ribbon. Blue Ribbon is one of the most sought after dining experience in Park Slope, so we had to try their take on brisket. Each sandwich came on a brioche bun with caramelized onions, and topped with either a BBQ or chipotle sauce respectively. I went with the BBQ, and it paired perfectly with each juicy bite of this fine crafted sandwich. I washed all this meaty goodness down with a pint of Jever Pilsner, which they were also selling. I just can’t get enough of German beer!

There was such a multitude of food options, one couldn’t try everything. Like most NYC street fairs you could have chowed down on kebabs, roasted corn, and funnel cake. But there were some highly notable gourmet options that were also present at this fair. For instance, Campo de Fiori owner, Andrea Dal Monte served up some award-winning pizza, while oysters were flawlessly shucked by Brooklyn Fish Camp.

What more can you ask for on a Sunday afternoon. It goes to show you that rain will not keep away those who love to celebrate a great neighborhood, in the greatest city in the world.

-Alan Smithee



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