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Old School Style & Charm At The New York Shaving Company

The New York Shaving Company
202B Elizabeth Street, New York, NY 10012, (212) 334-9495
Getting There: Take The F Train To 2nd Avenue (Alt. 6 Train to Spring St-Lafayette)


Living in New York City is an exciting experience, but it can also produce a high level of stress in one’s daily life. That is why it is of the utmost importance to treat yourself well when you can. Sometimes you just need to pamper yourself a little in order to alleviate unnecessary stress. The males of the species have several outlets to accomplish this. We go golfing, smoke cigars, and eat steaks. But have you ever thought of going for a professional shave as a way to unwind and improve your appearance?  The New York Shaving Company is here to help.

The New York Shaving Company was established in 2008 by John Scala, a life-long purveyor of the male grooming and skin care industry. At the company’s Elizabeth Street shop, master barbers in crisp white coats offer personalized service in a thoughtfully designed atmosphere that blends old-world elegance with the modern charm of the Nolita neighborhood.

NY Shaving Co. offers a variety of options for all of your shaving needs. Some of the most popular choices are a ‘Head Shave’ and a ‘Traditional Shave’ priced at $30 each. But during our visit to the shop, we went for the “Cadillac” of the menu options, the ‘Ultimate Shave’ which costs $50. Having never had a professional, old school style shave before I decided to go with the best, to get the overall experience.

As soon as I entered the classically designed shop I was greeted by Michael, one of the employees, and made to feel at home. Everything in The New York Shaving Company mirrors a New York of the past. From the music on the stereo to the barber’s pole hanging in the window, they got it right and it looks authentic. Michael and I spoke for a short while about the shop’s history over a glass of whiskey (a great touch if I may say). He informed me about the proper way one should shave their beard when at home. It wasn’t a surprise to find out that I was using the wrong type of blade for all these years, so I definitely appreciated his helpful tips. 

After our chat, I was called over to the chair by the barber for my, ‘Ultimate Shave.’ Once I was in position the barber applied balms to prep my skin for the close shave. Hot and cold towels were applied to my face throughout the experience, providing me with the type of relaxation that one would feel at a high-priced spa, so cheers to that. But in the end it was the precision of the barber wielding his straight edge razor like a paint brush to my face that left me impressed and clean-shaven.

- Alan Smithee

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