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Krrb Meetup, A Swap Meet and Community Yard Sale

Blog: Krrb Meetup

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As a resident of the greater New York City area, such things as farmer markets, stoop sales, and flea markets are commonplace, and a great weekend activity. We attend these events throughout the year and it’s a great way to be outdoors doing something. But here in our fair city, we are always looking for the next interesting activity that can connect us better to our neighborhood, and the people who make it up. Hey, it also doesn’t hurt if you can pick up some cool items, have a beer, and eat some amazing local foods.

The great people at Krrb have done just that. On Sunday they presented “A Swap Meet and Community Yard Sale,” which was held at the fantastic Gowanus Beergarten, ‘Mission Dolores.’ Krrb exists for the love of garage sales, flea markets, street fairs, and any place someone can rummage, dream, and discover local treasures. The event began at noon, with participants filing into the venue putting on a name tag, and setting up a table with their wares. The eclectic vendors could either choose to sell their items or swap them with others. Prior to the event you could either sign up as a swapper/seller or a browser on the website. This structure helps to bring everyone in the community in on this gathering.

Tables lined the walls where swappers and sellers could show off their unique wares. As I surveyed the space I could see some great vintage records, pleasantly cheesy Hawaiian shirts, and homemade crafts. There was something for everyone there. Some wanted to swap to increase their collection of ‘stuff’ in one’s home, while others couldn’t wait to sell off or give away items that were taking up space in their Brooklyn apartments. Some of the people manning the tables were happy to give items away for free, like Elke Sudin, from Hipsters and Hassids. This is a great way for items you no longer have a use for to be reused by someone else who may really want it. Your trash can literally be their treasure.

When you’re out swapping and making deals you’re going to get hungry and thirsty. Not a problem- the Krrb Meetup has you covered. The whole shin dig was held at Mission Dolores, a great Brooklyn bar, perfect for day drinking all year round. They have a fantastic selection of craft beers and amazing cocktails, like their famous Wasabi Bloody Mary. And in keeping with Krrb’s strong stance on keeping these events as local as possible, all the food was brought in by Oxaca Taqueria, 250 4th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11231 (President & Carroll St), which is located directly across the street from the bar. They specialize in Oxaca, Mexico style fare. Once they set up, the crowd was flocking over for their truly authentic tacos. At the day’s event they were selling pork, chicken, and potato tacos, at two dollars a piece. Needless to say the patrons were double fisting tacos, and re-ordering throughout the day. We recommend you visit one of their locations and sample the entire menu.

We urge you dear readers to check out these great Meetup events. The next Krrb event has been described as a, ‘Community Yard Sale.’ So stay tuned to their site and ours for location and date information. Besides selling and swapping Krrb has created a fun and innovative way for people in a neighbor to gather and chat. It’s a great way to make a new local friend. In the words of the great people over at Krrb, ‘Buy, sell, rent, trade, give, and be neighborly.’ We whole-heartily agree.

- Alan Smithee

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