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A LocalBozo.com First Look: Melt Shop

Melt Shop
601 Lexington Ave, (between 52nd St & 53rd St), New York, NY 10022, (212) 759-6358
Getting There: Take The 4,5,6,N,R,W To 59th Street/Lexington Ave.

As a child there were several food staples you could expect to be served from time to time, be it after school or on a rainy Sunday. One such treat was a simple cheese and bread sandwich combination that stood out because it was in fact, hot. It’s the grilled cheese sandwich, and today it is no longer the simple afternoon snack that mom and dad made for you so many years ago.

One of New York City’s newest eateries, Melt Shop (http://www.meltshopnyc.com/) is proving just how far the staple has evolved by selling a Grilled Cheese sandwich that can exist as a savory meal, made from fresh, local, artisanal ingredients . This new grilled cheese haven located in midtown came from the mind of Managing Partner and resident grilled cheese whiz, Spencer Rubin. Says Rubin, “Melt Shop is excited to present home-style grilled cheese reminiscent of your childhood. Our grilled cheese sandwiches are sure to be crispy, cheesy, and simply put— exactly what you’re craving.”

LocalBozo.com headed over to the newly opened Melt Shop to check out the cheese filled creations that Rubin was preparing to unleash on the midtown crowd. It was day two of operations, and the shop was already seeing a steady flow of business, either from a line of patrons at the service window, or from pickup orders. The weather was on the rainy side, so it was the perfect day for a hot cheese sandwich- especially one filled with such high quality ingredients. During our visit, Rubin suggested we try the “aged cheddar with maple glazed bacon,” served on sourdough bread. Just so you’re aware, each sandwich features Orwasher’s artisanal bread and cheeses from Ideal Cheese, New York City’s acclaimed gourmet cheese shop. Another highlight are the house made condiments and sides, such as pickled peppers, slaw, and a variety of tasty dipping sauces. One bite of this sandwich made me a believer as I could pick out all the well rounded flavors. As a bacon man myself, I was quite pleased.

These original grilled cheeses range from $4.99-$8.95, so it’s not like anyone’s being priced out of this sandwich market. Melt Shop is on the northeast corner of the Citigroup Center, at Lexington and 53rd Street and is open Monday-Friday, 7AM-5PM. Covered tables are located next to the shop which are perfect for any type of weather. Delivery service will be available beginning May 2, 2011. The location is perfect for Melt Shop to thrive on both the weekday lunch crowd, and those looking for a little slice of the childhood, one hot cheesy sandwich at a time.

- Alan Smithee

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