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Grand Army Plaza Green Market: Bring on the Spring

Blog: Prospect Park Green Market

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The calender may say it is the end of March, but it certainly does not feel like Spring. But the LocalBozo crew wants that to change immediately. So put away your bear coats and your artificial sunlight machine because it’s time to get out there. Green market’s are the best way to shake the winter blues away. The city is filled with them, but today we will spotlight the Grand Army Plaza Green Market which is located between Park Slope and Prospect Heights.

You will be able to spot the market right away, since it is located directly next to the famous ‘Solider’s and Sailors’ arch. Once inside, you will be able to purchase and or sample a great variety of farm raised and natural products. Apples are every where, and better then anything you could every find in your local grocery store. The Gala and Fuji variety are juicy and have hints of honey in them since they are both sweet in nature. Meat eaters and fish lovers rejoice, as you can find turkey,duck, and amazing smoked meats all throughout this place. The fish booth is extremely popular, so the lines tend to be long. We recommend you arrive as early as possible so you can get the exact style and fillet of fish you desire.

Rick’s Picks amazing pickle products should not be a stranger to anyone out there. This very local, New York based product has transformed the way we look at this ever popular snack that we have paired with burgers and sandwiches for generations. The great people at Rick’s have literally reinvented this tiny brined snack, and have transformed it into something that is gourmet. Rick’s likes to experiment with pickling that has never been done before. For example, pick up a jar of the Phat Beets which are pickled in rosemary, ginger and lemon. Personally we are a huge fan of the green tomato condiment, which is curried and all natural. They are perfect to top a burger with to make it an aromatic treat.

This past weekend we went to the Grand Army Plaza Green Market and was able to speak with Doug, one of Rick’s Picks sales guys. During our conversation he was able to give our readers a great scoop about an exciting product they plan to roll out this summer. As we all know Rick’s Picks is known for their fusion style approach to pickling. But, this summer, and maybe even as early as June the earliest they will be introducing a, ‘Classic Sour.’ This old school New York Deli flavor pickle will be made using Kirby Cucumbers, and made with dill oil. This is a great thing for everyone out there who is trying to lower their salt intake. Because these ‘Classic Sour’s’ will be made low sodium. Doug provided me with a sample of this great new pickle. The taste of it took me back to my child hood, sitting in front of the grill and chomping on these crunchy, sour beauties. But since they are made from Rick’s, they have a clean taste to them. This is due to the fact they are all natural with absolutely no artificial ingredients.

So, please try to check out all of the fine green markets all around our fair city. But, if you want a real taste of Brooklyn head on over to the Grand Army Plaza Green Market. It is open on Saturdays from 8am-4pm. Eat well, eat natural, and especially eat local.

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