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A LocalBozo.com First Look: Downtown Natural Market

Downtown Natural Market
1701 Church Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11226, (718) 282-0110
Getting There: The B/Q to Church Ave.


Many people take for granted our ability to go down the street to the grocery store or even a farmer’s market to grab a crisp apple to eat on the run. Having fresh fruit and vegetables should not be a privilege, it should be a right. But for many people living in Brooklyn and in the other boroughs of New York, healthy food is nothing but a pipe dream. In underserved areas throughout the boroughs, its residents are forced to eat prepackaged foods loaded with preservatives. Many of these areas have been labeled as “food deserts,” due to the fact that healthy food options, and full grocery stores simply do not exist. But fear not, there are local business owners who care about the health and welfare of their fellow city dwellers.

The Downtown Natural Market, located in Brooklyn neighborhood Ditmas Park, wants the neighborhood to know this first hand. On Friday, March 11th they made their presence known in a big way, opening their doors wide. Tables lined the sidewalk, providing the residents with free samples, of reasonably priced healthy products they will be selling on a regular basis- tables of healthy sushi and organic apple cider, to be exact. It was all delicious.

It has to be a challenge to move a business into an area that is completely new to the people residing there. The owners of the Downtown Natural Market are up to this task as staff members poured shots of wheat grass for patrons as others ran the supplements and vitamin counter. Each of them throughly explained the products they were offering with a positive attitude toward new customers. They took the time during the busy opening day festivities to make the patrons feel good about their new neighbor.

At the Downtown Natural Market you will find a wide selection of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, in their impressive and large produce aisle. Vegetarians and Vegans rejoice: Downtown has an abundance of tasty meatless food just for you. Exciting brands you may not be able to find anywhere else, fill the cold shelves. They also house one of the biggest varieties of natural beauty and household products that I have seen in quite sometime. There you will be able to have your pick of products that help reduce your carbon footprint on the environment, and those which aren’t tested on animals. The selection would rival some of the huge chains we have in the city.

The owners of the Downtown Natural Market are doing such a positive thing by moving into this neighborhood. Not only are they showing its residents how to live a healthier life, through reasonable food decisions, but they are also helping the property values of the area mature. If more businesses such as this move into underserved areas, then we all win. Check out the Downtown Natural Market, for the good of your city and your life.

- Alan Smithee

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  1. Good article, I especially enjoyed the pictures and write up being from Brooklyn. Looks like a new and upcoming community is looking to settle into this Brooklyn historic area.

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