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Upright Citizens Brigade Sets Up Shop On Avenue A

Fans of improv and sketch comedy may rejoice! The famed Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre which has ruled the roost in chelsea for over ten years is expanding to a new location in the east village.  Now dubbed “UCB East,” this theatre will carry on the art of improvisational comedy in the space the Two Boots Pioneer Theater once occupied- great news for the space, as the Pioneer was well loved by fans of fringe and cult cinema. So it is refreshing to see a like-minded organization move into the space.

The fantastic news was revealed at this year’s Del Close Marathon, during their annual press conference. UCB founders Matt Besser, Ian Roberts, and Matt Walsh told the crowd on hand that UCB East would be the home to a variety of different types of comedy- both improv and stand-up. But take note the group’s long running Sunday show ASSSSCAT, will remain at the original Midtown West location.  Fans of the group’s short lived Comedy Central show called “Hot Chick’s Room” will be relieved to know that signage was fully on display for the sketches wherein a couple is looking to move into a house where the former owner installed a “Hot Chick’s Room,” or a room literally filled with hot woman. So who knows if this room will actually exist inside the club, or if it is just a nod to longtime fans.

Being a fan of all things comedy, we are quite interested to see how this place will look inside on opening night. By establishing a new club they are not only providing fans a new place to visit, with cheap extremely funny comedy every night, but they are providing a venue for up and coming comedic minds to hone their craft. LocalBozo.com will be at the UCB East on opening night to give you the full scoop. For now you’ll just have to salivate over the picture above. I will leave you with the wise words that UCB teaches all of their new students to get them ready for the world of improv, “Don’t Think.”

- Alan Smithee

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