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New Years Eve Survival Guide: Do’s and Don’ts

As we New Yorkers revel in the Christmas spirit, one remembers that New Years Eve is this Just around the corner. This annual event is loved by many and despised by others. But just like your friends at LocalBozo did for you when it came to Halloween, we present to you our New Year Eve 2012 Survival Guide.


The Dinner Out

New Year’s fun does not have to be relegated to the streets or inside a jam packed club. Most of the city’s popular restaurants will have some type of NYE special going on. That means you can eat and drink for one price. Let me tell you it is extremely important to be well fed while partaking in a marathon of holiday drinking. Since you will be at a restaurant, you and your friends will actually be able to talk and laugh while ringing in 2012. Imagine that, NYE without being bumped into. All you have to do is sit back and order up. Just make sure you get in good with your server at the start of the evening so they know you want to turn over drinks frequently throughout the night.  And lastly, make sure you tip handsomely. This is New Years Eve, and these people are working hard for you when they could be spending it with their friends and family. If you tip well, then you’re truly starting the New Year on a good foot!

Phish at Madison Square Garden

Everyone’s favorite jam band recently reunited and are back in a big way. In keeping with their return, they will once again be taking the stage at New York’s Madison Square Garden for what fans hope to be a momentus event.  Yes, it is true that tickets have been sold out for this event for quite sometime, but if you don’t mind shelling out the money you can always grab a ticket. If you are lucky enough to attend, you will be treated to over four hours of amazing music by a legendary band. Once the clock strikes midnight, the party kicks into high gear as fans are treated to a classic rendition of Auld Lang Syne. Right after that, the show continues into the wee hours of the morning. Everything you want will be inside the venue; food, booze, and of course the entertainment, Phish! Happy New Year, you dirty Hippies!


The Times Square Ball Drop

It is true that Times Square on New Year’s Eve is the mecca center for ringing in the New Year, landmark wise. At one time it was a destination to come and have a wild celebration with old friends while sharing spirits with new ones. Unfortunately with the rise in terrorism on our homeland, Times Square’s once raucous parties have ended.

If you choose to view the infamous ball drop from it’s place of origin, you may want to consider the following issues you will have to deal with. This place will get packed and it will occur almost a full day ahead of time, so get there early or be relegated to watching nothing drop at midnight. Also because of the aforementioned security concerns, everyone who enters the area must go through several checkpoints to be searched. This means you will need to leave your alcohol at home, as times have certainly changed. Finally, once you enter the premises you will be packed in pretty tight with thousands of other revelers so using the portable bathrooms could be problematic. Oh yeah, this is the Northeast so it may rain or snow as well.


Fist pumpers unite! No, not really, but that’s the type of people you will be surrounded by if you choose to hit a club this New Year’s Eve. So, I hope you have been keeping up with “Jersey Shore.”

Going to a trendy or sleazy club on NYE will be expensive no matter what. Tickets can cost upwards of two hundred dollars per person. As per the advertisement, you are told that there will be a four hour open bar with top shelf booze. But since many of these events are oversold, getting to the bar to get your prepaid drinks will be marred by lines that are ten deep. Also have ample money for tipping or the bartender won’t even look at you.

Any way you choose to celebrate the new year is up to you. But, please be smart and plan ahead. No one wants to be left waiting on a long time, or worse waiting for a cab at two in the morning. We here at LocalBozo.com want to wish everyone a very happy and safe New Years, and a special thank you for being a part of our extended family, by supporting us in this new endevor.

- Alan Smithee

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