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Hinder Guitarist Mark King Sits Down for an Exclusive Interview with

It’s been a half decade since the major label release of Hinder’s “Extreme Behavior,” an album that spawned hits like “Lips of an Angel,” “Get Stoned,” and “Better Than Me,” and put the band on the fast track to modern rock supremacy.  And on the heels of the release of the band’s third full length album “All American Nightmare” (December 7), characterized as a darker, heavier departure, Hinder isn’t about to start letting up just yet. The band recently embarked on a headlining jaunt with support from My Darkest Days, Saving Abel, and Default. The tour stops locally at the Starland Ballroom in nearby Sayreville, New Jersey on Sunday December 12th.

Hinder’s emergence as a band comes at a pivotal time for the music industry- with album sales dropping to the wayside of the digital download, the virtual non-existence of traditional, terrestrial radio stations, and lagging concert ticket sales. But Hinder’s prior album successes in creating modern rock anthems have allowed the band to stay atop the wave of other bands who have already come and gone. And consistently hitting the road with bands of the same ilk, both as a support and a headlining act, has proved beneficial for the five piece Midwestern band. Acts like Motley Crue and Aerosmith have given the band exposure on a much larger scale, while performances with 3 Doors Down, Buckcherry, and Nickelback have shown the band’s ability to cut their proverbial chops with some of the biggest bands in modern rock music today.

Unfortunately, that can be portrayed as a virtue and a vice- being held in the same company as a band like Nickelback can be incredibly polarizing. Real rock and metal enthusiasts scoff at bands like these. But don’t tell that to Hinder, who are always out on the road, clearly enjoying the rock n roll lifestyle that their hard work has paved for them. If the video for their first self-titled single “All American Nightmare” is any indication of what we can expect from this album, these so called “metalheads” might consider giving Hinder a second chance. The video, which does not feature the band at all, follows what can only be described as a “hot, rocker chick” as she endures a sometimes violent, aggressive nightmare, as Hinder singer Austin Winkler’s vocals blare in the background.

If 2005′s “Extreme Behavior” can be considered a conventional (but very good) modern rock album for Hinder, and 2008′s “Take It to the Limit” featuring the singles “Use Me” and “Without You” could be considered a 1980s style throwback, what exactly can we expect from the new album? Hinder’s very own guitarist Mark King gave an exclusive one on one interview discussing amongst other things: the new album and video, writing the album with influences from Nashville, memorable shows in New York City, plans for 2011, and the pressure to create another big single. Listen to the entire interview above. For more information on all things Hinder, check out

Not familiar with Hinder? Tracks You Must Hear Now:

Get Stoned, Lips of an Angel, How Long, Homecoming Queen, Better Than Me, Use Me, Without You, All American Nightmare

Hinder is:

Austin Winkler:  Vocals
Joe Garvey: Lead Guitar
Mark King: Rhythm Guitar
Mike Rodden: Bass
Cody Hanson: Drums

- Jane Van Arsdale

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