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A Concert Review and Exclusive Interview with Sevendust

Starland Ballroom, Sayreville, NJ
October 12, 2010

Sevendust- Live at the Starland Ballroom (6-12-10)

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The hardest working band in modern rock chose a relatively remote New Jersey venue for their only area performance as a part of the HardDrive Live Tour.  But the short trip across the river and into Sayreville was a small price to pay for the consistently excellent concert experience that Sevendust seems to always deliver.  And seeing four solid bands for a mere $25 in 2010 is an absolute steal.

With support from Anew Revolution, Since October, and 10 Years (with Aranda jumping in later on the tour), the crowd had been worked into an anxious frenzy in anticipation of the main event.  The chanting began long before Sevendust took the stage, but continued on well through the encore, with a thirsty crowd demanding more.  Screams of “Seven Dust- Seven Dust” bounced off of the walls of the former Hunka Bunka space and the fact that the show was not completely sold out mattered not to the loyal fans huddled together, waiting for their release.

As the lights went down and the white projector screen blocking the stage was lifted, out came the five piece band, and in typical Sevendust fashion, they fed off of the crowd’s eagerness with an energy that can only be described as frenetic.  As the rowdy crowd peaked, the band exploded into an opening of “Splinter,” the first track off of their most recent album “Cold Day Memory,” released in April, before launching into crowd favorites “Denial,” and the incredibly vigorous “Enemy.”  Swarms of moshpits opened up as bodies began surfing over the heads of young fans as seasoned veterans like us stood off to the side, taking pictures.  The highlights of the show were the incredibly underrated “Suffocate,” which is always a welcome addition to a Sevendust setlist, the acoustic “Xmas Day,” into the heartfelt “Angel’s Son,” and a Sevendust staple- closer “Face to Face”- a relentless, scream until you lose your voice, raucous metal anthem, that is both punishing and indescribable live.

Enthusiasts of the band will remember the first time they heard a Sevendust song and the first time that they experienced the energy of a Sevendust show.  While never really exploding both in terms of mainstream and critical appeal, the band has an intensely loyal following, which was repeatedly mentioned and unquestionably appreciated by this band.  Frontman Lajon Witherspoon remarked several times that “We’ve all grown up together” and “We’re like a family.”  And his sentiments were spot on.  Every Sevendust show exists as a reunion of sorts for the many familiar faces that have shared the experience of using this band’s music as a soundtrack for life’s growing up.

For over a decade and through eight full length albums, Sevendust is a remarkably dependable band.  With an influx of new material coming in constantly, it’s virtually impossible to leave one of their shows disappointed- the band’s intensity and energy simply won’t allow it.  And since the family has been rejuvenated following guitarist Clint Lowery’s return to the group in 2009 after a multi-year hiatus, the band is literally back and better than ever.

Just days after the New Jersey show, Clint Lowery was gracious enough to give an exclusive interview, touching on rejoining the band, the new album, his favorite songs, and his memories of playing in New York City, all of which can be heard at the link below.  Check it out now!

Sevendust- Live at The Starland Ballroom, Sayreville, NJ

October, 12 2010


(Courtesy of

1. Splinter
2. Denial
3. Enemy
4. Waffle
5. Suffocate
6. Forever
7. XMas Day
8. Angel’s Son
9. Black
10. Driven
11. Unraveling
12. Pieces
13. Praise
14. Face to Face

-  Jane Van Arsdale

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