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Grab Some Food at this Park Slope Spot

There are many specialty shops all around Manhattan and each has a distinction that sets them apart from the rest of the pack.  On a bustling corner of Park Slope lies one such store that may be light on size but is big on selection, and it has quickly become a LocalBozo favorite.  Once you walk through the doorway of the small yet abundantly stocked store at Grab, your senses enter an overload in the best possible way.

Two huge cases line the right side of the shop, filled with three of the items that make the shop such an attractive place to patronize: cured meats, cheeses, and olives (three of my personal favorites).  The store is packed with such a diverse assortment of these products that it may take you a little while to decide on exactly what you will be leaving with that day.  This is no problem at Grab, as the staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable about everything in the cases.  Sampling is always the best way to go before you buy, and they are happy to offer you plenty of tastes to help you make the best choice.

What’s refreshing about Grab is that they are clearly at the forefront of buying local produce.  One of the cheeses that we sampled during our visit was from a small farm in New Jersey.  In the display rack they offer some popular Brooklyn based products, like Gorilla Coffee and Brooklyn Brine Co. Pickles.  Not only are the quality of these products excellent, but when you purchase them you are helping small business thrive. In that way everyone wins.

Beer, especially of the Microbrewer variety has increased in popularity over the last decade. In an earlier blog we covered another Park Slope specialty shop BierKraft, and all it has to offer.  Grab can easily play in the same league with its very impressive collection of bottles that go from floor to ceiling.  They are produced by Microbrewers from all over the country and in keeping with the idea of buying and selling local, some of the beers, like Kelso for instance, are made right in Brooklyn.

The true standout of their beer selection would have to be the ones on tap, considering that these beers change all the time.  Some may be seasonal while others may have a limited supply at any given time. Grab also sells Growlers for a $4.95 deposit, which can be filled with any of the beers on tap. The prices usually range from $9.95 to right around $16.00.  Employee Chris Vamos can be seen pictured holding one of these Growlers.  They make a great gift with their original design.

There is an old saying that good things come in small packages. Well, in the case of Grab that is undeniably correct.  If you are going to a dinner party, or just want to have something special around the house, head to Grab for a tremendous variety of food and beverages delivered to you by some of the most knowledgeable, unpretentious staff in our fair city.

For more on Grab, check out their website at www.grabspecialtyfoods.com or give them a shout at (718) 369-7595.

-  Alan Smithee

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