Features NY Life — 21 June 2010
Welcome to LocalBozo.com

As of 9:00 am on Monday, June 21, 2010 (The First Day of Summer), LocalBozo.com: A Commune For Crazy, has officially Gone Live!

Whether you’ve found this page because a friend told you about it or because a friendly, neighborhood clown slipped you our business card at your Stepson’s birthday party, we’re pleased as pie to have you here. Our goal is to make LocalBozo.com: A Commune For Crazy, an Everyday Webstop for like minded New Yorkers. And we plan on feeding you as much of our original content as you can stomach. As the next few days and weeks unfold, our sections will be so chock full of entertainment that we will literally own your eyeballs. We are going to provide the best in New York centric running Blogs, Reviews, Events, Music, and originally scripted and produced Comedy & Horror Web Shots all mixed up and served to you in a dirty glass. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out all of the sections we offer and let us know what you think…Unless you think we suck. At which point, you are no longer welcome here anyway.

The LocalBozo Crew

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  1. Met you guys at Keely’s. Good luck with the site.

  2. This video is great!!!!
    Who is the actress, she did an amazing job!