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Gallow Green – Chelsea: Drink Here Now

Our correspondent vowed to have a drink at every single bar in Hoboken and did so successfully with Spirits in the Sixth Borough. Every Friday morning, we’ll pick up where he left off, showing you distinctive bars in each New York City borough perhaps for the very first time, perhaps to refresh your memory of a fun place you’ve ducked into, or perhaps to suggest a new spot for you to check out as you gear up for the weekend. You can follow our sudsy travels every week with’s “Drink Here Now.”

Gallow Green
The McKittrick Hotel, 530 West 27th Street near Eleventh Avenue, Chelsea
Getting There: 1 to 28th Street; C,E to 23rd Street

Though the rooftop bar at The McKittrick Hotel has been open for a couple of years, its west of Tenth Avenue locale doesn’t exactly do it any favors. But after visiting the utterly unique setting, it’s evident that the colorful rooftop bar Gallow Green is hardly desperate for foot traffic. In fact, it’s one of those New York City destination bars worth going well out of your way to frequent.

The McKittrick is also the home of the interactive Sleep No More show, and as such, the place’s relatively nondescript entrance should be of no surprise. The short stairway climb opens to a garden like setting replete with plant life all around the rustic style benches that make up the gazebo like common area. Railroad tracks are cleverly placed across the roof’s center dividing a corridor of sorts between the dining area made up mostly of picnic tables and come-as-you-are seating. Ceiling fans blow into the white flapping flags which drape overhead like clothes on a clothesline and in the evenings, a flurry of lights keep the space well lit despite the fact that Gallow Green is intentionally designed to look far more casual than it actually is.

As far as selection goes, the bar has six rotating craft taps and a few more to select from by the bottle ranging from $7-$8, but their array of cocktails are really the signature here. Unfortunately though each of them sits comfortably in the $15 range, so be fully prepared to fork over some cash during your visit. The Monkey Shoulder Scotch blended “McKittrick Mule” with some muddled lemon and ginger and the smoky “Coriander Cay” which meshes rum and mezcal were both winners during our visit. In recent weeks, Gallow Green has launched its own variation on “Bottomless Brunch” but reservations are undoubtedly required and the two hour session with a buffet and unlimited drinks will hit you at a $48.50 clip- paid online, in advance. But on the other hand– just look at that view!

The Rundown

Bar Type - A truly unique rooftop view- with Meatpacking District prices and similar justifiable attitude. The place is really cool.

When to Visit – Whenever you can snag a reservation. You’re really at a disadvantage if you travel to Gallow Green without having a contingency plan considering there’s not much that is a suitable alternative nearby. Should you plan on simply popping in, make sure it’s early on a weeknight- otherwise, make a reservation for their brunch. It might be a bit on the pricy side, but you’re not gonna not have a great time here- especially for first timers.

Value - Uh…move along. I suppose there’s value in considering that beers are $8 as opposed to $15 cocktails. I suppose.

The Lowdown – Gallow Green is both distinctive and stunning on the roof itself and also looking out toward the City skyline. The cocktail program here is advanced and the collection of mixologists are well trained and talented. Though the place is probably best served for a round or two for after work hours or perhaps pre-dinner drinks- there’s not a ton of walkable options in the nearby vicinity. And yes, it might cost alot to spend some time here, so are most other things that are this worth your while.

- Alex Corrine

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