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Woodrow’s- Tribeca: Drink Here Now

Our correspondent vowed to have a drink at every single bar in Hoboken and did so successfully with Spirits in the Sixth Borough.” Every Friday morning, we’ll pick up where he left off, showing you distinctive bars in each New York City borough perhaps for the very first time, perhaps to refresh your memory of a fun place you’ve ducked into, or perhaps to suggest a new spot for you to check out as you gear up for the weekend. You can follow our sudsy travels every week with’s “Drink Here Now.”

43 Murray Street near West Broadway, Tribeca
Getting There: N,R to Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall; A,C,1,2,3 to Chambers Street

Back in the day, Biddy Early’s was a bar on Murray Street where a slew of drinkers would head toward for cheap beers and game after game of beer pong. Today, that space houses a bar and restaurant equally as festive, with a touch of class. Since opening in 2012, Woodrow’s, an Irish Pub meets family style eatery, has been serving the downtown Manhattan area with affordable American fare and a rotating cavalcade of some 29 different beer taps to quench any beer drinker’s appetite.

Our crew sets up shop on a weekend afternoon, where the bar is buzzing though not overly crowded. Weeknights at Woodrow’s are key though, where you’ll find suits and ties from the nearby Financial District ducking in for a busy Happy Hour scene. With so many different draughts on tap, you’d be hard pressed to beat the place’s Beer Flights which offer three different 7 ounce pours for the price of one premium beer. But with the sun shining outside, we grab a seat toward the end of the narrow bar which backed by an outline of mahogany and an endless array of liquor bottles and taps which surround the space.

Pours of Great South Bay’s “Blood Orange Pale Ale” are in order and the Long Island brewery’s summery suds perfectly hit the spot as playoff hockey dominates the televisions and conversation around us. In the back of the space, several large groups are sitting down for Woodrow’s brunch offerings which runs until 3pm and features the Benedicts and omlettes you’d expect, plus some “Brunch Nachos” ($14) thrown in for good measure. What’s most exciting about Woodrow’s is their events calendar where they host Paint Nites, Pitcher Nights, Trivia Nights, and even Whiskey Flight Nights all in the next few weeks. So get on their website, check up on their calendar, and more importantly, grab a seat at the bar where the place makes a simple pub seem impressive.

The Rundown

Bar Type - A smallish pub on the outskirts of Tribeca serving up a wide variety of American eats.

When to Visit – During Happy Hour where the place is typically humming with business although don’t be shy around the suits that have just left the office. They surely won’t be.

Value - Beer flights for just $9 are a solid deal and can certainly mix up the variety. But if you show up late for their Happy Hour specials, your best bet is to hang until after 11pm on Mondays where they’ve got half price beers on any of the bunch.

The Lowdown – There are destination bars and there are ‘hey, if you’re in the neighborhood’ bars, and as far as places to grab some drinks, this is the latter. If you work or live downtown and are looking for a spot to drink: Woodrow’s. Same for a quaint little spot to enjoy a nice brunch. If you live uptown, are you heading down here on a Saturday night? Probably not. But there’s value in being a gem of a neighborhood spot with enough beer to appease any style of drinker and a nice enough place where you feel like an actual adult. And it’s that down to earth atmosphere that makes Woodrow’s such a great haunt in a neighborhood with a dearth of notable places.

- Alex Corrine

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