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Taproom No. 307- Gramercy: Drink Here Now

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Taproom No. 307
307 Third Avenue near 23rd Street, Gramercy
Getting There: 6 to 23rd Street

For years Taproom No. 307 has been one of my favorite bars in Manhattan. It’s perpetually packed layout and diverse selection of craft beers makes the Gramercy haunt the most sought after bar of its kind in the area, despite an explosion of similarly styled places popping up seemingly everywhere else. Where the neighborhood is rife with restaurants, noteworthy bars can be few and far between. But on gameday or on a week night, Taproom always seems to be a highly sought after destination.

While booths line the space’s outer shell, it’s the long wooden bar that catches your eye upon entering. Behind the barstools sit some equally long communal tables which are always occupied by squatters standing and watching the game or shooting the breeze with some buds. But the setting is immensely comfortable and the sheer variety on hand simply begs you to order up a beer. Taproom has more than 40 craft beers on tap at any time and the list includes all the favorites you’d expect as well as some lesser known names like White Birch, Boulder, KBBK, Freigeist, and Hopfenstark, depending upon how heavily invested you are into the craft beer game. And that’s before we even delve into the more than 60 other distinctive bottles and cans that the place sports, making it easy to either find your favorite beer or taste something that you’ve never tried before.

The menu meanwhile is hardly run of the mill with items like “Spicy Edamame” ($9) and “Tiger Shrimp Hush Puppies” ($11) alongside a selection of tasty sandwiches salads and a classier take on bar food. Taproom also offers up some suggestions for beer pairings based on your food order, which is helpful to the more naive drinker. The mushroom and truffle oil covered “Shroomer” ($14) pizza and the “Taproom Nachos” ($14) supremely hit the spot, washed down with pint after pint of Bronx Brewery’s “Pale Ale.” If you’re looking for a fun, spacious spot that’s a bit classier than your usual neighborhood sports bad, look no further than Taproom No. 307, Gramercy’s finest craft beer bar.

The Rundown

Bar Type - A versatile craft beer bar that serves tasty food and shows sports

When to Visit – If you’re looking for the quietest time to visit, you should try to be the first ones in the place. Otherwise, happy hours, evening nights, weekends…busy, busy, busy. And that’s a good thing. It’s always bustling there, whether outside on the patio, or inside the full bar.

Value Taproom’s got beers priced from $5 to $38 normally, but a good variety at $5 for Happy Hours. Best of all is that their selection changes daily- that’s where the real value lies.

The Lowdown -Taproom has events seemingly every week and welcomes different breweries on a monthly basis. The vibe inside is never a downer- it’s always lively and buzzing with people. And with a dearth of equally fun spots nearby, it’s a haven for any true fan of craft beers. With hearty unique food and new brews to rinse your palate with, Taproom No. 307 is a must visit spot in Gramercy. Cheers.

-Alex Corrine

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