Grub/Spirits Restaurant Reviews — 07 March 2013
The Burger Bistro: A Restaurant Review

The Burger Bistro
177 5th Avenue, Park Slope, Brooklyn
Getting There: N,R to Union Street

In the battle to for New York City’s best burger, one needs to constantly be doing their homework. New joints are popping up at record speeds to throw their hairnets into the ring. The consumer is ultimately the winner as we get to sample a seemingly endless array of grilled cow. Park Slope, Brooklyn is no exception to this rule as the popular neighborhood has seen an influx of comfort food themed establishments open in the past year. One particular spot is the simply named THe Burger Bistro, whose build your own burger format shows just how dedicated they are in producing one of America’s favorite handheld foods.

On a recent Sunday afternoon we stopped in for a late lunch. The nearly full, ample sized dining room was great indicator to tell us we had made the first of several good choices. The owners are not lying when they call this place a bistro as the general layout is a far cry from a greasy spoon joint. Once seated, guests are handed a laminated menu and a red erasable marker to select exactly what type of meat, toppings and bread they’d care to use in assembling their ultimate combination. After looking over the menu, we opted for a pitcher of red Sangria ($36). As the huge pitcher arrived loaded with oranges and plums, we were greeted by another lovely sight when our waiter informed us that since it was Sunday, Sangria was half priced. With that being said, we gleefully raised our glasses and toasted the value. 

Since we would be chowing down on burgers, we decided to choose an appetizer on the healthier side of the food spectrum and opted for the “Mesclun Salad” ($8). Topped with a smattering of creamy goat cheese, grilled portobella mushrooms and sweet pears, the reasonably priced salad made for a terrific flavor combination. Burgers would be next. Every time we try out a new burger spot, a small amount of apprehension fills our heads. Would the burgers be cooked to order, or served uniformly? Or is the meat of good quality? These are the imperative factors that everyone should consider when dining out. Luckily The Burger Bistro hit the nail firmly on the head on both accounts. We began with the “Organic Lamb Burger” ($10). Served on a brioche bun, with lettuce, tomato and raw onion (free of charge when selected), it was ordered medium and came out exactly as planned. The burger was just as juicy and well seasoned as we’d expected. Choosing a more traditional route, we also ordered up the “Beef Burger” ($8) topped with American Cheese ($1.50) and also served on a brioche bun, cooked to a medium rare temperature. Once it arrived, we sliced it right down the middle, marveling at the red center, perfect to our liking. Each bite oozed with savory meat juices and the flawlessly melted American cheese, which is simply the only way to top a cheeseburger if you ask us. The grilled flavor was akin to the type we have come to enjoy at backyard barbecues- basically, it just felt right. 

The Burger Bistro appears to be doing everything right. Their price point and daily specials are perfect for customers looking for value but it is the quality of their food that seriously sends them into orbit as one of our new favorite burger joints in New York City. And one that is certainly worth stopping into if you find yourself within Park Slope’s realm.


Rundown of the Meal


 Mesclun Salad with goat cheese, portobella mushrooms and pears. ($8)


Organic Lamb burger served on a Brioche bun ($10)

Beef Burger ($8) topped with American Cheese ($1.50)*

*Meal Highlight

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