Grub/Spirits Restaurant Reviews — 26 March 2013
Fletcher’s Brooklyn Barbeque: A Restaurant Review

Fletchers Brooklyn Barbeque
433 3rd Avenue, Gowanus, Brooklyn
Getting There: F, G to 9th Street

There’s Texas, St. Louis and Kansas City- each of whom seem to have a stranglehold on the world of barbecue, known the world over for their smoked meat delights. In recent years these mastered techniques have seemingly migrated north, giving these flagship locales a run for their money from once uncharted territory. The recently opened Fletcher’s Brooklyn Barbeque is putting a northeastern stamp on ‘cue in its most traditional form, creating a signature style indicative of New York City, and Brooklyn in particular.

Half a block from Gowanus venue The Bell House sits Fletcher’s, proudly bringing the once dodgy Third Avenue back from the dead. As we entered past the large glass doors, it became quickly apparent just how much work went into the overall layout of the space. An easy to navigate counter allows patrons to order their meals and beverages while looking over at an ever changing chalkboard listing the day’s available meats. From the counter area, guests can watch the staff preparing much of the notable fare on any given day.  Mere steps away sits a rather large communal dining space equipped with long wooden tables that can accommodate virtually any sized group. While this seating arrangement has seemed to become the norm at most ‘cue joints, it’s simply worth noting because of the sheer charm in ponying up next to other hungry casual diners.

The sights and smells inside of Fletcher’s were both eye and nose catching and on this evening, our small group’s level of hunger was never in debate. Luckily, Mr. Fletcher himself was on hand to provide some extremely helpful tips for ordering. We began with an order of “St Louis Ribs:  Dry Rub” (1/4 rack- $12) and the ”Lean Brisket” (1/4lb- $6)  as our meat selections.  The dry rubbed rib was a spot on choice.  When ribs are overly sauced, it’s easy to miss the truly subtle flavors sought out by the pitmaste.  The exterior of each rib was decorated with a thoroughly beautiful char which then yielded a lovely smokey and salty flavor amid a savory finish. The brisket meanwhile was equipped with just the right amount of fat to add that necessary juiciness that every competent brisket should have. Marbling and the right amount of burnt ends make a brisket supremely memorable and this joint nailed it.  We paired the meats with a tremendous selection of sides. The “Mac & Cheese” ($4) presented a bold, creamy crunch. The dish was delicious and rich, reinforcing our decision to select a small sized portion, perfect for just a taste. We also raved over the “Pit-Smoked Baked Beans” ($4), which was other levels outstanding. The smoked flavoring paired brilliantly with the sweet sensation and taste profile left by the smooth, mushy beans. Reasonably priced cans of Genesee Cream Ale were ordered as well, because one simply cannot enjoy ‘Que without brew, rounding out our dining experience.

Fletcher’s Brooklyn Barbeque is making Brooklyn style ‘cue, plain and simple. In the midst of carving out a distinctive name for themselves as more and more businesses relocate to the second borough, we are pleased to have enjoyed a seat at their table before they truly hit their boom. Despite leaving with a face full of sweet and sticky saucy goodness.


Rundown of the Meal


Pit-Smoked Baked Beans ($4)

Mac & Cheese ($4)

Dinner Meats

St Louis Ribs:  Dry Rub $12 1/4 rack ($12)*
Lean Brisket 1/4lb ($6)  

*Meal Highlight

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