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Prime Meats: A Restaurant Review

Prime Meats
465 Court Street, Cobble Hill
Getting There: F or G to Carroll Street

We know everyone who loves eating meat has a favorite joint that they claim is the very best in our City. Our dining out crew has been guilty of making this assertion time and time again. NYC’s Steakhouses are both infamous and historic, but Cobble Hill Brooklyn’s “Prime Meats” is giving these institutions a run for your medium rare dollars.

The first thing you have to know before even walking through Prime Meats front door is the fact that they do not take reservations. Fear not, this is all part of the experience. My dining party of four made our way inside the warm and rustic spot on a Friday during the early evening hours. The place was totally jammed with a party like atmosphere, which instantly put us in a good mood. Our moods got even better when the friendly hostess was able to seat us at a rather large table directly by the bar and front door. And after a few minutes of chatting and reading over the menu our server arrived ready to get our overloaded meal underway. Drinks were first with half of us ordering the specially made, “Prime Meats Pilsner” which was seriously crisp and a bottle of dry Pinot Noir. Both drinks were a perfect accompaniment to the meat coming out shortly.

First up, and under the recommendation of our server was the, “Thrice Cooked Bacon” ($16). While being pricy, it’s pure decadence made up for it in spades. The perfectly fatty piece of steakhouse bacon came with a deliciously seasoned sunny side up egg for dipping. The killer apps continued with a dozen Oysters in three varieties. These market priced morsels were briny and satisfying making us hungry for more! After these starter was devoured it was time for another round of drinks and our mains.

If the restaurant has the word meat in the title then that’s what you order, period. Each member of the party ordered a unique animal delicacy. “Hampshire Grilled Pork Chops” ($ 21) was a solid choice to see how tenderly they could treat a huge piece of pork. Each bite bore a milky creaminess from its fatter pieces. Next, “Steak Frites” ($32) a popular meal served all over town. Yet, at this Brooklyn mainstay the steak cut overachieved in both it’s after cooking size and delicious char flavor. But with every meal during a major meat dinner there has to be the best or in this case the king of the hill.

Once again under the trusted recommendation of our seriously knowledge server we ordered the house special T-bone steak for two (Market Price). Everything surrounded by ordering this steak was drenched in delightful pageantry. After placing our medium rare order a separate server brought out a steak for our approval. Since it totally matched what we wanted the steak zoomed back into the kitchen and came out shortly there after. As soon as the mammoth steak hit the table, we knew we made the right choice. The meat is served next to a bed of greens and a side of Spaetzle. Every piece of cow was a perfect medium rare with insanely good marbling. Each bite melted and barely had to be chewed. It’s meat juice ran deep making this steak a must if you don’t mind shelling out the dough. It’s that worth it, as was our entire experience at one of our new favorite palaces of meat consumption.

Rundown of the Meal


T-Bone Steak*

Hampshire Grilled Pork Chops

Steak Frites



Thrice Cooked Bacon

*Meal Highlight

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