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Mulligan’s- Midtown: Drink Here Now correspondent Link Cromwell vowed to have a drink at every bar in Hoboken before running the 2011 New York City Marathon. With every bar visit in the “Sixth Borough” now completed along with a successful race now finished, it’s time to reel our reporting back toward the City. And as such, every single Friday we’ll be taking over where Link left off, showing you distinctive bars in each borough perhaps for the very first time, perhaps to refresh your memory of a fun place you’ve ducked into, or perhaps to suggest a new spot for you to check out. You can follow our travels as we approach each weekend on Friday mornings with’s “Drink Here Now.”

Mulligan’s Pub
267 Madison Ave, between 39th St & 40th St., Midtown, Manhattan
Getting There: 4,5,6 to Grand Central

The after work, or Happy Hour bar is something sacred to the workforce of NYC. It is a place where we collect with co-workers to shake off the stress of the work day, or celebrate the end of the week. Midtown Manhattan is loaded with such spots, many of which are nondescript and seriously not worth your time and money. Dig a little deeper and you’ll find a joint that has been holding down roots in this part of town for over thirty years, providing customers an honest place to drink with no frills. It’s, “Mulligan’s Pub” the home of a Guinness pints, Shepherds pies, and most importantly and escape from the crowded streets just past their doors.

I may have not realized it, but working several jobs in the past in Midtown must have placed me inside, “Mulligan’s” at least once previously. The location, which is right between Grand Central Station and Madison Avenue demands that folks head here for an after work drinking session. Our trip placed us inside the walls of the pub as old as me, on a Saturday afternoon. It had to be right around 4 p.m.  and nearly all the bar stools were taken by patrons. Luckily, we were able to grab two, “Norm seats” (Far end of the bar where Norm sat on the hit TV show, “Cheers”). Once we were settled, I looked around the space to pick out the regulars from the tourists and of course those like us who just wanted a few beers. We literally couldn’t spot any aging drunks, or consistent barflies, making, “Mulligan’s” a sort of transient spot for those just passing few for any number of reasons. After checking out the clientele, we checked out the overall look of the joint. First off, the pub is quite dark inside which I feel it has always been. Lights are kept at a dim, extremely mellow level. The actually bar matches many of it’s ilk. It’s extremely long wooden space, where the bartender is primed to serve droves of customers all at once. In the back tables are place throughout for waiter service. 

Since it was busy the bartender took a little while to get to us, but it wasn’t a problem at all. Once we started ordering beers and wines she kept an eye on us, returning promptly when our glasses or bottle appeared empty. The beer and spirit prices aren’t old school like the pub itself, but still affordable keeping us hanging around for a few rounds. As we drank, music was played mostly of current pop variety. The tunes appeared to be pumped into the room as opposed to an Ipod behind the bar or a customer driven jukebox. The songs were fine to drink to, and at an appropriate volume as to not drown out conversation. During our visit we did not order any food since we were just dropping in. Next time we come in we will definitely try some of their Irish food standards such as, “Shepherds Pie” ($13.25) and the “Traditional Corned Beef” ($13.25). Be it waiting for a train, or kicking back with your office mates, “Mulligan’s Pub” is an honest and relaxing way to imbibe that sweet sauce we New Yorker’s just can’t get enough of!


Bar Type – Old school Midtown Manhattan Irish pub who isn’t trying to change with the times. And that’s a good thing!

When to Visit – Mulligan’s is situated between Grand Central Station and one of the busiest workforce areas in the city. This makes the pub a perfect spot for Happy Hour drinking before grabbing a train home. Our trip to the pub took place on a Saturday afternoon and the place was still packed. So in the end it’s really up to you.

Value – In Midtown you would expect to pay slightly higher then normal prices for alcohol and food. Luckily, Mulligan’s keeps the prices affordable to keep customers happy and returning for future visits.

The Lowdown – If you want to experience one of the last of the old school Manhattan Irish pub then you have to take a pause and head inside Mulligan’s. For over thirty years they have been preserving the New York City of old both with the pubs decor and attitude. We’re not saying that every time you step inside it’s going to be a raging party. But, for a few rounds you can take a break from modern city life.

- Alex Corrine

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