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brook vin- Park Slope: Drink Here Now correspondent Link Cromwell vowed to have a drink at every bar in Hoboken before running the 2011 New York City Marathon. With every bar visit in the “Sixth Borough” now completed along with a successful race now finished, it’s time to reel our reporting back toward the City. And as such, every single Friday we’ll be taking over where Link left off, showing you distinctive bars in each borough perhaps for the very first time, perhaps to refresh your memory of a fun place you’ve ducked into, or perhaps to suggest a new spot for you to check out. You can follow our travels as we approach each weekend on Friday mornings with’s “Drink Here Now.”

brook vin
381 7th Ave, Park Slope, Brooklyn
Getting There: F, G to 7th Avenue

It must be said right off that back that yours truly is not a typical wine drinker. Sure, drinking a glass of dry red with a steak or other meats is highly enjoyable in its right place and time. But for the most part I am a devoted beer drinker. Hey, blame it on college if you must! Yet from time to time my fellow, “Drink Here Now” mates and I will come upon a joint that serves the highly coveted grape spirit in a comfortable, classy, and laid back manner that even this suds drinker can appreciate. Recently we made our way to the increasing popular Park Slope, Brooklyn mainstay, “brook vin” on a week day to sample various vino’s.

There was a chill to the air as we breached the front doors of the bar. Once inside we instantly warmed up, both from the pleasant heat inside and the cozy atmosphere. “brook” features a moderately lit space filled with a few wooden tables facing the equally as charming Seventh Avenue street just outside. Historic pictures of Brooklyn don the walls taking guests on a visual journey into the boroughs past. Yet, the true gem of this joint is the actual bar setup. The hulking bar is made up of a light yet thick wood which spans almost the entire room. Comfortable stools fill the area, but are not directly on top of each other giving customers ample space to relax and imbibe. After using our eyes to explore the room, it was time to scope out the menu. Fortunately our senses did the job for us. Since the weather was on the cold side, the bar was cooking a seasonal hot spiced wine in a bubbling pot in plain view of the crowd. My curiosity got the better of me, and I ordered up a glass. Each serving was priced at $6 dollars during our visit and was well worth the price. The hot drink was served in a coffee cup, paired with an orange peel with cloves inserted in it for the purpose of zest. On appearance alone the drink was a winner, but the tasting really pushed it over the cliff. The hot wine hit the spot to both warm up, and fill me with delicious flavor. The cloves already in the drink were mellow yet noticeable to enhance the taste.

Wine was most definitely the main focus of our menu on this day, and thankfully it was Happy Hour during our weekday visit. The featured wine was a red called, “Fado Alentejano.” This is the wine that the remaining members of our group ordered. The wine served at, “brook vin” all come in heaping glasses, providing pay customers a generous portion. The Happy Hour price at the time was $5, which is a truly amazing flavor. Everyone seemed to love the dry flavor, paired with a fruit finish. The nose alone was enough to have the people I was with reorder right away! While you are drinking it is always nice to have food service available. The bar has a kitchen on hand to provide customers a rotating menu of space plate inspired dishes. Wine bar standards like hand crafted cheese and Charcuterie are always on hand, and we highly recommend you order some to go with your wine. Beer drinkers can breath a sigh of relief, as the bar features an impress list of craft brews like “Harpoon” and “Captain Lawrence.” Needless to say, our visit was flawless and we will return shortly to see what they have to surprise us with next. It also doesn’t hurt this win spot is mere steps from a major stop off the F train.


Bar Type – Casual yet sophisticated wine bar with zero pretension.

When to Visit – Make, “brook vin” a before or after dinner drink destination. The knowledgeable bartenders know exactly what fits your palette. If you happen to be on a first date this is a perfect place to impress that guy or gal with your laid back yet refined taste.

Value – Few would think a wine bar with so much character would have a Happy Hour special, but luckily they do. During weekday’s patrons can sip on $6 (on average) glasses of wine that are a far cry from the, “table” variety. We are talking great vino here for cheap!

The Lowdown – “brook vin” comes from the owners of, “Big Nose Full Body” a long time Park Slope wine shop with a respected track record. The wine served at the bar can’t be found at the shop, making both establishments highly unique. This is goes to show how much effort the owners have placed on quality and originality. It also doesn’t hurt that besides fine wine they also serve: craft beer, small dishes, and have an outdoor area for the warmer months!

- Alex Corrine

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