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CLOSED: 10 Downing Food & Wine: A Restaurant Review

CLOSED: 10 Downing Food & Wine
10 Downing Street, at Sixth Avenue just south of Bleecker, West Village
212 255-0300
Getting There: A,C,E, B,D,F,V to West 4th Street

(This restaurant has since CLOSED)

Brunch in New York City is no joke. To my fellow city dwellers this weekly meal is the savior of many weekends- be it a quiet sit down with the loved ones or a loud, wild group outing, there’s something special about sharing these dining experiences during the middle of the day. Located in the heart of the West Village sits 10 Downing Food & Wine, an eatery affectionately named after the street on which it resides. The restaurant serves both lunch and dinner as well, but for our initial visit, we were focused solely on the brunch menu.

Our brunch reservation was on a pleasantly sunny and breezy Sunday in the early afternoon hours. As we approached the restaurant, diners had arrived early to fill up the large outdoor eating section, which is perfect for people watching on the sidewalk space. The interior of 10 Downing is clean, white, and rustic all at once and might even be described as reminiscent of a restaurant you might stumble upon in the North Fork of Long Island or even New England. And although we had plenty of space, the wait staff was hustling around us, on what was a busy weekend afternoon.

10 Downing does not have an unlimited drink deal like many eateries of it’s ilk. Therefore, we kept our spirits consumption to a minimum, sampling only a few craft beers and mimosas during the meal. When it came time to order our entrees we relied on the server’s expertise of the menu on hand as we looked for some healthier options. We began with the “Portobello and Goat Cheese Sandwich” ($15), which came to the table overstuffed with the aforementioned cheese, yellow squash, and zucchini, all served on fresh baked ciabatta bread. We also opted for the “Farmer’s Market Omelette” ($13). The popular order, per our server, hit the table loaded with spinach, english peas, tomatoes, and perfectly melted cheddar cheese. The eggs were perfectly prepared- fluffy and light, and proved a complimentary base for the cooked vegetables.

With much of the healthier breakfast fare ordered already, it was time to dabble in the lunch portion of the menu and the hearty “10 Downing Signature Burger” ($18) was up next. The burger came out like a work of art- like a Dali stacked on top of a Picasso, but topped with caramelized onions, and your choice of blue, cheddar, or gruyere cheese. Opting for a tangy finish, we opted for the Blue cheese, which was sharp but also brought out the best flavors of the juicy, tender meat. Perhaps best of all, the “Signature Burger” is served with a generous side of decadent sage-duck fat fries, pickles, and some a variety side sauces. Each bite of the medium rare burger produced a taste of unadulterated excellence. The tart blue cheese and sweet caramelized onions blended beautifully with the excellently prepared high quality meat blend, making 10 Downing another on the list of the City’s fine burger destinations.

Be it brunch, lunch, or dinner 10 Downing Food & Wine is a West Village restaurant that boasts high quality, innovative food with an ever changing menu. Pair that with an atmosphere that puts the diner into a state of true relaxation and you really have something special here. Isn’t that the way every meal should feel?

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