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Schnipper’s Quality Kitchen: A Restaurant Review

Schnipper’s Quality Kitchen
23 East 23rd Street, Flatiron District, (212) 233-1025
Getting There: 6ย  to 23rd Street


They say one good turn deserves another. And I’m pretty sure that extends to burger joints as well. One family founded comfort restaurant took the midtown scene by storm feeding the Port Authority travelers, Times Square tourists and everyone in between years ago. We speak of course of the massively spaced Schnipper’s Quality Kitchen, and because of their successes across town, last fall they opened a second outpost in the equally bustling Flatiron District, just a block from Madison Square Park. This sister spot is a perfect edition to a neighborhood, where another burger haven has claimed dominance for the better part of a decade.

When you walk through the doors of the downtown Schnipper’s you are welcomed by a massive, yet very comfortable dining setting. The walls and ceilings are covered in a light colored wood providing a rustic, and therefore homelike setting. The mellow lighting streaming from post modern fixtures only adds to this overall feeling of comfort. But since you didn’t come in here to stare at the layout, we are happy to tell you that the ordering setup at Schnipper’s is quite a pleasurable situation. Guests have the opportunity to decide what they want to order when they enter the line thanks to a gigantic menu located above the cash registers. And after the order is placed, patrons get a number they can place on one of many tables, where servers bring said food in a speedy manner. This method works much better than waiting on the side of a crowded restaurant with a buzzer.

Once that short wait is over, it’s time to eat. Schnipper’s is the home to some of the tastiest, and freshly made American comfort food in the City, giving you no excuse for eating everyday fast food. Fans of the holy hamburger will have their pick of the litter here. The classic ‘Hamburger’ ($4.50) and ‘Cheeseburger’ ($4.99) are staples here and are accordingly, delicious. The latter is even served with ‘good old fashioned American’ cheese- something they take much pride in. The highlight here for us was the ‘Green Chile Cheeseburger’ ($6.99) with a side of fries ($2.75). Served with a special homemade cheese blend, house roasted green chiles and topped with Schnipper’s secret sauce, you have a serious meal on your hand disguised as a simple burger. And at under $10, the value here is relatively unbeatable.

The flavor profile on the ‘Green Chile’ is complex, yet easily satisfying. The specially made cheese blend teases the tongue with various tastes, like sipping a fine wine. Once the mouth and mind get past this gooey delight, the chiles combine effortlessly with the high quality savory patty, yieldingย a semi-spicy finish. That being said, with so many different tastes, it will take more than just one visit to truly experience them all. Thus, we’re crowning this Schnipper’s burger as the ‘Fight Club’ of handheld meals. Just like the much loved film, you’ll have to try this burger repeatedly to uncover every nuance of of its killer flavors, housed in a relaxed dining venue.

- Jay Rubin

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