Music Videos — 27 September 2011
TrA$h eXECUtioneR: A One Artist, One Lens Exclusive prides itself on featuring artists we think you need to know about. Rising like a funk from the manholes and storm drains of Dirty City is New York’s most dangerous and contagious band, TrA$h eXECUtioneR. The hard rocking group spews harmonies that are equally beautiful and haunting. The foul brew of Sabbath, rap, sk8 punk, world, southern rock, Spanish, metal/prog, country, and blues has intoxicated music lovers at Maxwell’s, Boca Grande, Lamp Post, Cake Shop, National Underground, Otto’s Shrunken Head, Trash Bar, and The Charleston, to name a few.

We are proud to present to you with: TrA$h eXECUtioneR: One Artist, One Lens. The featured song, “American Wolf” shows the band’s range as technically proficient yet capable of producing a rock anthem with a powerful and catchy chorus. This originally produced music video features TrA$h eXECUtioneR doing what they do best in their stomping grounds of Hoboken and Jersey City. Do yourself a favor and check them out live and help support independent bands who truly rock.

- Jay Rubin

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