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Chelsea Brewing Company: A Bar Spotlight


It should be no surprise to anyone that we find no greater pleasure than sipping on a frothy and flavorful pint on a sunny, summer afternoon. Couple that with a picturesque waterfront view, and the Chelsea Brewing Company becomes the perfect marriage of the two. Sure, you could head to any pub in the city for a Chelsea pint, but there’s nothing quite like being at the point of production to truly taste the beer’s freshness.

The Chelsea Brewing Company’s brewpub and restaurant is located in one of the most sought after spots in our fair city, right smack in the middle of Pier 59 at Chelsea Piers, home to one the greatest and most scenic driving ranges in the country. The spacious 12,000 square foot interior features a long wooden bar, prime views of the beer making process, and a breathtaking panorama of the Hudson River marina. And its location is even more ideal considering all of the other novelties that the Piers offer- soccer fields, bowling alleys, basketball courts, and platforms for gymnastics and even hockey as well.

Just steps from these courts comes the Brewing Company itself. The beer menu features all of Chelsea’s staples as well as a revolving selection of seasonals. The stand out brew has to be the “Checker Cab Blonde Ale” This bubbly favorite is celebrated city wide, garnering Chelsea much deserved praise. With notes of citrus and spices, the “Checker Cab” is the perfect beer for warm weather.  We also have an affinity for the “Sunset Red Ale,” a more medium body, but with a richer caramelized flavor and finish.

While you slurp down a tasty pint you’re going to get the beer munchies. We recommended you go for either the “house burger” ($10) or “sliced hanger steak” sandwich ($13). Both are excellent to pair with the delicious Chelsea beers, because nothing pairs better than juicy red meat.  For lighter fare, try the “Pier 59 Salad,” ($15) pairing grilled salmon with mozzarella cheese, roasted red peppers, and sesame green beans in a concoction that works even though you wouldn’t necessarily expect it to.  The menu offers slightly higher scaled bar foods- nothing too incredible to write home about but above average for your standard brewpub.

A fine beer and a classic view are something to be embraced. Chelsea Brewing Company is yet another example why New York City is at the forefront of the widely popular craft brew culture. Just remember this ain’t no light beer so please pace yourselves and drink responsibly. And do it AFTER playing your sport of choice.

-Jayson Rubin

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