Grub/Spirits Restaurant Reviews — 16 August 2011
Black Shack Burger: A Restaurant Review

Black Shack Burger
20 Lexington Avenue, between 38th and 39th Street, Murray Hill, (212) 213-0042
Getting There: 4,5,6 To Grand Central Station- 42nd Street

 Finding a great burger joint is on par with finding that one ultra soft t-shirt in your drawer. It just feels right, and puts you in a good mood. Murray Hill’s Black Shack Burger is the edible version of a soft t-shirt. And in a neighborhood without a defined burger culture, Black Shack stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Black Shack is owned by the same team behind the popular 67 Burger of Brooklyn. They have spent years perfecting customer service at their Fort Greene location, and the same service transferred to Murray Hill seamlessly. The restaurant’s layout in simple yet comfortable. A basic yet tasty menu hangs over the order window giving customers a birds-eye view into the kitchen area which is filled with top of the line grills and expert line cooks. The seating area features wooden tables that can accommodate most sized parties.

But in the end you aren’t coming to Black Shack to admire the architecture. You are here for the all meat sandwich loved by so many the world over. Since this was our first visit, we went with a fellow burger lover’s recommendation, the namesake, “Black Shack” burger. The Black Shack ($6.50) is served on a sesame seed bun with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, ketchup, mayo, and mustard.

The simplicity of the ingredients and sauces, worked brilliantly with the cooked to medium beef. It was juicy and salty. The “Black Shack” could be described as an expertly cooked and topped fast food burger. But at this joint, the difference is that you are receiving only the finest ingredients. Do yourself a favor and order a side of fries ($2.50), which we normally pass on, but these really help round out this classic burger meal.

Getting thirsty? Fear not, because Black Shack has one of the most original fountain drink (1.95) selections we have ever seen. Patrons can fill up on childhood staples like RC Cola, Diet Rite, 7up, Dr. Pepper, Stewart’s Root Beer, ginger ale, Bosco Chocolate Soda, and orange. Tasting the ice cold RC Cola brought me back to my youth. The soda has a crisp, yet refreshing bite that simply can’t be matched by Cokes or Pepsis.

Black Shack Burger makes a great burger in a cool atmosphere and they very well may be the best hamburger joint in all of Midtown Manhattan. It will only be so long before that secret gets out.

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