Music Videos — 22 June 2011
The Go! Team: A Interview

Rock music is, and shall never be easily defined. From the early 1950′s through the modern acts of today, there have been innumerable sub-genres of popular rock. The Great Britain sextet, The Go! Team is a prime example of a band who transcends standardized music categories, known for their genre bending style combining elements of indie rock, garage, double dutch chants, and old school hip hop.

The band has broken the mold of what a rock band should sound like. The Go! Team has two drummers playing simultaneously during live shows, which helps to maximize an already intense live sound. The group is also famous for using avant-garde instrumentation, both in the studio and live and they have been known to use anything from steel drums all the way to vintage typewriters to produce a sound they deem as necessary.

The LocalBozo crew recently caught up with Go! Team at the popular Williamsburg concert venue Brooklyn Bowl, on the night of one of their infamous ,idnight performances. Before the late night set, we had a chance to sit down with Go! Team mastermind Ian Parton and bassist Jamie Bell, where we discuss amongst other things- the band’s current lineup to where they see themselves taking their music and instrumentation past the January 2011 release of, “Rolling Blackouts.” Join in this special look at a trail-blazing and talented group of young musicians.

- Alan Smithee

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  1. Madina Lake have spoken to Rock Sound recently to confirm that they are free agents after being dropped by Roadrunner Records nearly six months ago as they continued to support their second album Attics To Eden… When bands get dropped they usually come out and say they are free and out from under the thumb of the man whos been holding them back singer Nathan Leone remarked to Rock Sound. ..For some bands like Gallows that statement its completely true as theyre an animal you cant cage up into a major label deal and huge respect to them for that. .. Roadrunner was fantastic to us especially in the UK where they continue to do amazing work supporting our band and the release he continued.