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A First Look: Love, Lies & Seeta

It’s a romantic comedy built around three distinctly different guys all of whom pine for the same beautiful girl. It’s a love triangle that envelopes four characters and their friends as they experience their 2010 summer in New York City. “Love, Lies & Seeta,” is a film that explores the ideals and subjectivity of the term “love,” with a story interwoven through different friendships while crossing traditional borders of ethnicity.

“Love, Lies & Seeta,” written, produced, and directed by Chandra Pemmaraju, follows the lives of the three male leads: “The Bollywood Hero,” Arjun Gupta (Nurse Jackie), “The Rock Star,” Michael Derek, and “The Hipster Geek,” Lavrenti Lopes, who have all coincidentally met the beautiful Seeta (Melanie Kannokada) at different stages in their lives. As the three grow closer together, a chance encounter with Seeta makes them all realize that they have fallen in love with her, and each one needs to rely on his friends outside of the group to cope with falling for a girl who doesn’t believe that love exists.

If the story itself is not a triumph, the fact that this film was made at all must be considered one. Limited by budget and resource constraints, and funded by film enthusiasts who believed in the project and in Pemmaraju’s strong screenplay, the independent film made ample use of New York as its backdrop, as its most important supporting character. It became a necessary element in creating the film. Shot in 52 different locations in just 28 days, using the revolutionary Red Camera, “Love, Lies & Seeta” depicts New York as it was meant to be seen, using the natural beauty of our seasonal summer against the urban domesticity we’ve come to know and love.

The film is currently in its final stages of post production work and is slated for a big screen release later this summer. was fortunate enough to sit down with director Chandra Pemmaraju, and the three aforementioned male leads to discuss working on this project. We discuss the perils of filming outdoors, different locations used around New York for filming, the misconceptions about ethnicity in film, and how “Love, Lies & Seeta” mirrors real life in Manhattan for so many of us. Check out our First Look at “Love, Lies & Seeta” and for more information on the film’s release date and trailer, check out

-Jane Van Arsdale

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  1. Geez what a wonderful, truely remarkable story, would certainly want to see the final production.. The actors were just that, actors and experts at conveying their message and the theme of the production.
    Nicely done, video was just awesome for sure