Grub/Spirits Restaurant Reviews — 12 January 2011
A LocalBozo Restaurant Review: Bark Hot Dogs

Bark Hot Dogs
474 Bergen Street (between 5th Ave & Flatbush Ave), Brooklyn, NY 11217, (718) 789-1939
Getting There: 2,3 to Bergen Street


One might not associate environmental conservation with hamburgers and hot dogs. But then you probably have never been to Prospect Heights, Brooklyn’s Bark Hot Dogs. The Brooklyn food scene is constantly changing and today, perhaps moreso than ever before, this turnover extends to perceived comfort foods. With mom and pop pizza, meatball, and roast beef eateries popping up all over New York, it’s only fitting that hot dogs now be considered. Bark is located on a newly renovated Bergen Street, sharing the block with a popular comic book shop, fitness store, and bike shop. The large blue signage illuminating the word “Bark” is welcoming to all whether in need of a hot dog or even a burger fix.

Stepping inside, it’s obvious that Bark is not the greasy spoon that you grew up with. The walls and the tables are all made of wood, providing a very warm feeling to the shop, even before tasting the delicious fare. This cutting edge design tells the customer that the owners care about the establishment’s ambiance- comfort while eating comfort food. And it’s a good thing that the food itself is really good.

On this trip to Bark we chose to forgo the specialty hot dog, which we’ve tasted previously (and is fantastic). This go around, we wanted to sample the burger, for is a site of simple needs. Therefore, the traditional cheeseburger became the day’s dish of desire. What’s interesting about Bark is that the restaurant carries Foxon Park beverages. Foxon Park is an independent soda company, based out of East Haven, CT and all of their sodas are made with real sugar. Now as you know, all major soda brands these days are made with high fructose corn syrup, so it is excellent to see a true-blue soda pop. It also didn’t hurt that they were served in a large ice tub to the side of the counter.

The Bark cheeseburger is served on a firm and perfectly balanced white bun, which needs to be balanced because the filling of this burger is some heavy duty stuff. The burger patty is cooked and served medium, with just enough crisp on the end for a great bite into the meat. The white American cheese was perfectly melted onto the meat, and still bubbling when served to the table. Shredded lettuce is added to provide a nice contrast to the bold meat flavor. The shredded lettuce was a welcome addition to the burger as the leafy variety often becomes limp and soggy on the sandwich. The cheeseburger is finished off with a secret sauce, with hints of both sweet and sour flavorings. The burger is a perfect size and equally good from start to finish i.e. it will not leave you feeling that you just ate a softball.

If you are a super fan of pickles like we are, you will be thrilled to find out that Bark makes their own pickles on site. They are a great compliment to a burger or a dog and besides your meal, you get to eat something that you cannot find anywhere else. And let me tell you these are some amazing pickles. When prompted, you have the choice of dill or bread & butter. We recommend a combination of both. The dill spears have a distinct vinegar brine to them, which made for a tart taste, while the bread & butter chips had a sweet, slightly curried flavor.

Since Bark is highly involved with environmental conservation, once your meal is concluded you will find more than just a simple waste basket to throw your trash out. Instead of being part of the problem, they are part of the solution. The cups you drink out of and the wrappings of your meal are all biodegradable using Green Ware products. That is why they have their trash containers clearly marked compost and glass. This is refreshing to see a place do something so selfless. Not only does Bark serve one fine burger, but they are also looking out for Mother Earth. So, while you’re walking out of the shop and loosening your belt, you can feel good about yourself, and not just feel full.

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