Grub/Spirits Restaurant Reviews — 27 December 2010
A Restaurant Review: Bonnie’s Grill

Bonnie’s Grill
278 5th Avenue, near 1st Street, Park Slope, Brooklyn, 718-369-9527
Getting There: M,R to Union Street

While the Park Slope section of Brooklyn is known for its excellent eating establishments, many of these well known restaurants are in fact pricey.  But as has repeatedly proven, excellent eateries do not have to necessarily charge their patrons an arm and a leg to eat there.  With that in mind, we bring you to Bonnie’s Grill- a well reviewed joint, visited by many loyal patrons both in the neighborhood and abroad.

Bonnie’s, which sits on trendy Fifth Avenue of Park Slope, is literally sandwiched between more upscale eateries like Fornino and Blue Ribbon Sushi. The iconic location is set up much like a greasy spoon that you might find anywhere in the United States. With it’s bright green exterior and large sign it is hard to miss. Once inside, a group of very nice fellows, who I believe also own the joint will show you to either a table or counter top. If it is your first time at Bonnie’s or if you are dining alone, we recommend that you sit at the counter for a more traditional experience. The walls are lined with original pieces of Rock N Roll photography, while music of the same genre plays over the stereo providing a cool atmosphere. Orders are taken and the food is quickly grilled to perfection. These guys have it down to a science.

The food at Bonnie’s may appear simple at first glance, but this is not in fact the case. It has been said that the classic Buffalo wings here are so good, because the owners actually hail from Buffalo- making these wingers as authentic as possible. They can be ordered in denominations of either ten or twenty at a time.

But be forewarned, the heat scale of the wing sauce at Bonnie’s differs from what you are used to. During our trip to Bonnie’s, we ordered ten medium spiced wings. And we were surprised by the heat in those- once you place the first one in your mouth, you will know what I am talking about. First off, it must be said that the wing flavor is pitch perfect. There is a buttery taste to the sauce, and the wing is incredibly light, and not overly fried.

Even though the Buffalo wings are one of Bonnie’s most popular items, the rest of the menu does not disappoint at all. For our lunch entrees we ordered the “grilled chicken sandwich with Canadian bacon,” and the “steak sandwich.” The chicken sandwich was grilled nicely and covered with the savory Canadian bacon, in a very liberal manner, while served with a generous helping of hand cut fries (Bonnie’s lets you select your own side).

The steak sandwich was just what the doctor ordered. That is if your doctor prescribes you red meat. These hearty chunks of flank steak were covered with some tart, gooey cheese and evenly grilled red and green bell peppers. It was served on a standard hoagie roll sized to fit the contents of the sandwich for the perfect bread to meat ratio. In keeping with the spicy food theme, we opted for their spicy cole slaw. Jalapeno peppers are added in large chunks to create a sweet to very spicy flavor. It really confuses the tongue, but the combination is a lot of delicious fun.

If you are in the Park Slope area and are looking for a good ole fashioned, hearty meal with absolutely no pretension, then Bonnie’s Grill is your place. Grab a seat at the counter, order some wings, and an ice cold root beer. It’s money well spent in a place that you will want to return to time and time again.

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