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A Closer Look: The Irish Exit

The Irish Exit
978 2nd Avenue at 52nd Street, Turtle Bay, (212) 755-8383
Getting Here: 4,5 to 59th Street, 6 to 51st Street
The Irish Exit

If you’ve ever subtly bounced out on a group of your friends without saying nary a word, you’ve pulled off what is known as an “Irish Exit.”  And while you were spending the entire next day apologizing to your pals for your sinister decision and its subsequent execution, the ownership team behind bars like McFadden’s and Calico Jack’s Cantina were extending their reign over massively popular Manhattan bars to a newly renovated space in Turtle Bay.  The bar’s name?  You guessed it: The Irish Exit.  But don’t skip out on us just yet.

Opened in June 2010, The Irish Exit is already an incredibly busy Thursday night hotspot, drawing in everyone from area alums to fancy Wall Street types.  The first thing that strikes you about the bar has to be its size.   If the elongated bar space surrounding the primary bar wasn’t enough, the back area is just as large- featuring tables for sit down meals, with enough space to push them aside for that holiday party or special event that you’ve been waiting too long to book.  There is also a back bar, geared to more casual drinkers.  If you’re worried that the name implies that this is a “dive bar,” don’t be.  On busier nights, the hostess, coat check, and bathroom attendant should put all of your fears to rest.  And if you are looking for a “dive bar,” a seat at the bar with Brian the bartender serving drinks, will make you feel right at home, in an Irish tavern.

You might ask why, of all of the tremendous bars our city has to offer- why The Irish Exit?  Readers of know that we love to highlight newer spots that you may not have heard of or even been inside, and it is our hope that we are delivering to you the experience of having been there through our words and pictures.  In this case, we’ve found a place that is flexible enough to suit virtually anyone looking for a wild night out, and we’ve brought it all to you directly with our exclusive video feature.

With tremendous drink specials almost every night, weekly special events and parties, and the NFL Sunday Ticket package with plenty of big screens to accommodate, visiting The Irish Exit is worth a shot…or two.  But make no mistake football fans, The Irish Exit is clearly Steeler Country.  So leave those Ravens jerseys in the bottom of your hamper, when you visit.  For more information on booking birthday or holiday parties, or for specials and events, check out

- Jane Van Arsdale

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