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LocalBozo.com’s Winter Preview: Volume 3

What You Need to Know About Winter Events in New York

If you’ve been following our advice so far this holiday season, you’ve already visited some of the best shopping and seasonal spots that Manhattan has to offer. But LocalBozo.com absolutely refuses to stop there, and today we present two brand new sights to see before the calendar hits January. Both are 100% free to check out and both completely capture the spirit of the holiday season.

The Grand Central Terminal Holiday Fair- November 15th  – December 24th

The historic Grand Central Terminal is already home to a holiday train show, which we discussed ad nauseum earlier this week. But if you’re already inside, either waiting for a train or taking our advice, you owe it to yourself to check out the Holiday Fair hosted in the Terminal’s Vanderbilt Hall. Once entering the Station, you literally can’t miss the fair, as signs point you in the direction of the massive vendor booths in a huge corridor at the Terminal. The display is small enough that you can take a peek in every booth in roughly 30 minutes, but there’s enough diversity to keep you busy during any lengthy train delays.

Similar to the shops at Bryant Park, the list of vendors is varied- from bath & body stores like “Priel” and “The Soap & Paper Factory” to handbags from “Via Zapata!” and “Corrente;” from holiday ornaments at “Carolyn’s Christmas” and “The Glass Haus” to men’s clothing at “Jon Wye,” the stores can meet any of your holiday shopping needs. And best of all, since it’s in Grand Central Terminal, it’s particularly easy to get to, without leaving the warm, indoor subway station.

The show only runs until Christmas Eve, so there’s still plenty of time for you to check out Vanderbilt Hall’s Holiday Fair at Grand Central. For a full list of vendors and shops, check out http://www.grandcentralterminal.com.

Blog: Lord & Taylor Window Display

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Lord & Taylor’s Department Store Windows (38th Street at 5th Avenue)

For over 75 years, the department store Lord & Taylor has turned it’s windows into beautiful holiday murals. And in 2010, they took their cause to the internet by asking fans on Facebook to submit their favorite holiday stories to be depicted in moving window displays. The sheer intricate detail that must have gone into these displays is incredible and is amongst the must see displays in our City around Christmas-time. The windows have been replaced with 12 heartwarming Christmas stories set in New York City over the past 100 years, and each one is seemingly more charming than the next.

Perhaps better than the display itself is the fact that for every new fan the store gets on Facebook between November 15th & Christmas, Lord & Taylor will donate $1 to the American Red Cross in greater New York. Heartwarming memories, charitable donations, and the happiness that it brings to those who visit, Lord & Taylor on 38th Street & Fifth Avenue gets in right this Holiday Season.

- Jane Van Arsdale

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