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A Restaurant Review: DuMont Burger

DuMont Burger
314 Bedford Avenue, btw 1st and 2nd Street, Williamsburg, (718) 384-6127
Getting There: M,J to Marcy Ave; 4 to Union Square – L to Bedford Ave

In a city where seemingly every restaurant claims to craft the best burger, a Williamsburg hole-in-the-wall makes a valiant effort but falls just short of greatness. DuMont Burger, on Bedford Avenue in the heart of Williamsburg is a small, inviting burger stop with little in the way of atmosphere. The wood paneled interior and friendly service offer some comfort in an otherwise stuffy 30 seat restaurant. Lined with small countertop tables and stools on which to be served, patrons are routinely seated in close proximity which can be uncomfortable for some.

While waiting for available seating, the bar is stocked with an assortment of draft and bottled craft beers. We like the frothy Sixpoint Sweet Action ($6) & the Lagunitas IPA ($6), to wash down the tasty burgers. Our waitress recommended the Fried Pickles starter ($5), which was a surprisingly large portion for the price. The salty pickles were golden fried to crispy precision and provided a literal flavor explosion when paired with the side of creamy chipotle mayo.

The burger portion of the menu is relatively traditional. The options are the standard DuMont Burger ($12.50), or the DuMont Mini Burger ($9.50). Each is cooked on a fresh brioche bun, served with crisp lettuce, juicy tomato, red onion and crunchy pickles, with a choice of cheese (American, Cheddar, Danish Blue, or Monterey Jack- $1.50 ea.), topping(s) (carmelized onions, Sauteed mushrooms- $1.50 ea.; bacon, avocado $2 ea.), and sides (fries, onion rings, green salad- included). We like the full size specialty with Cheddar & bacon and the onion rings, which rivaled the fried pickles in flavor. Served lightly breaded and golden brown, the inside of the tender breaded shell yielded a mouth-watering strand of cooked onion. The burger itself was savory and cooked at a perfect medium-rare temperature with little grease, and bursting with juice. But the burger’s taste lacked the feel of a truly special meal, and was outshined by the pickles that preceded it.

Any patron that can find comfort eating in a potentially uncomfortable environment, should find no reason not to grab a seat at DuMont Burger. The prices are reasonable, the portions are hearty, and the American fare here is downright tasty. In fact, the next time we are in Williamsburg there is a good chance of a repeat visit. However with so many viable alternatives in Manhattan, DuMont Burger alone, is simply not worth the trip across the bridge.

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