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A Restaurant Review: Daisy May’s BBQ

Daisy May’s BBQ
623 Eleventh Avenue at 46th Street, Hell’s Kitchen, (212) 977-1500
Getting There: 1 to 50th Street

Daisy May’s BBQ

When one thinks of traditional down home barbecue, New York City is typically the last place they’d think of.  In recent years there has been somewhat of a renaissance of BBQ joints in our fair city.  And no place has been more at the forefront of this movement than Daisy May’s BBQ.   The first aspect to this joint that stands out is how far off the beaten path it is.  Located on 46th Street and 11th Ave, one will have to walk a good twenty minutes from the subway just to find this “Cue.”  But the walk to Daisy May’s is only part of the experience.

Once inside, there is no host to seat you.  Customers wait on lines that sometimes jut out into the streets.  Since you will be ordering the food at the counter, you will also need to stake out your own table.  But be forewarned- Daisy May’s dining room is relatively small and thus it is recommended that if you want a table, set aside 1 to 2 people from your party to grab seats.  Trust us on this one, because the last thing you’re going to want to do while holding a huge tray of smoked meats, is to try and grab a seat in a packed house.

Restaurant Review: Daisy May's

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The food choices at Daisy May’s BBQ are the typical for any run of the mill BBQ spot, but once you take the first bite of your chosen meat, you can quickly taste a difference.  The “Plate Specials” are definitely the way to go when you come here because at an average cost of $24 per meal, they offer huge helpings of a meat and two sides.  If you are a rib lover, we recommend the “Kansas City, Sweet & Sticky Pork Ribs” ($19.50).  Yes, these are wet ribs, but they are given only a light coating of sauce so that the smoked pink meat can stand on its own.  Alternatively, “The Beef Rib” ($28) is a sight to be seen- straight out of the opening montage for The Fintstone’s.  Bring your knife and fork to this one, because it is a giant slab of beef bathed in a thick and savory red sauce. The large bone itself provided some tasty, salty flavor as well.  If for some reason you are not a fan of ribs, we also liked the juicy “Beer Can Chicken ($13.25).”  The beer can method of cooking really delivers more depth to the chicken, coupled with the sweet and tangy BBQ sauce.

The sheer amount of side options may seem intimidating, but just like the meat, if you like a certain side, order it.  By our account, you can do no wrong with any of the sides at Daisy May’s (Prices vary by size).  We especially liked the “Baked Beans with Burnt Ends” because of the combination of perfectly cooked beans and fantastic Brisket ends, which are also a popular stand-alone item.  We also loved the mouth-watering “Macaroni & Cheese.”  It is often the simplest sounding options that are the tastiest and this is no exception.  The silky cheddar cheese will make you second-guess why you ever bought that boxed stuff from the supermarket in the first place.  Other noteworthy sides include the creamy cole slaw and collard greens, both of which are staples of southern cooking, and as per usual are standout additions to any ‘Cue meal.

All in all, while Daisy May’s may not be considered a typical eating establishment in New York City, we recommend that you take the trek for some of the tastiest BBQ north of the Mason Dixon line. Yes, you will have to wait on line, and yes finding a table is a challenge. But, once you sink your chompers into that tender pork, you’ll see why it was all worth it.

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