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The Doe Fund’s sweet:New York Supports “Men In Blue” at Classic Car Club Soho

Blog: The Doe Fund- sweet: New York

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[img src=]470Katherine LaNasa & Grant Show, Actors
[img src=]440Katherine LaNasa & Grant Show, Actors
[img src=]570Jessica White, Model
[img src=]430Jessica White, Model
[img src=]440Ramona Singer, The Real Housewives of New York
[img src=]300Cynthia Bailey, The Real Housewives of Atlanta
[img src=]310Cynthia Bailey, The Real Housewives of Atlanta
[img src=]390Kim Stolz, The Dalloway
[img src=]310Kim Stolz, The Dalloway
[img src=]300Derek Warburton, Stylist
[img src=]710Keith Darrow & Chef Matt Hughes, Tao
[img src=]410Kenneth Johnson, Pescatore
[img src=]330Harold Moore, Commerce
[img src=]310Chelsea Leyland, DJ
[img src=]270George McDonald, President of The Doe Fund
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In this economy, anyone who can put deserving people back to work are heroic to us here at The nearly twenty-five year old organization known as The Doe Fund has become one of America’s leading human service providers and helps to provide formerly homeless and incarcerated citizens the opportunity to rebuild their lives through a variety of paid work opportunities, educational services, and career development resources.  Serving more than 1,000 people per day throughout New York City and Philadelphia, Thursday evening the team made our way to downtown Manhattan’s Classic Car Club Soho for The Doe Fund’s ‘Night Supporting the Men In Blue’- sweet: New York. The event would feature some of New York City’s most sought after establishments who expertly make the decadent sweet confections we just can’t get enough of. And since mom said you can’t have your dessert without dinner first, several of the city’s most popular restaurants were on hand to dole out their signature, savory creations.

The Doe Fund operates three revenue-generating businesses to help fund its services and provide trainees with real-world career training. These efforts include the “Community Improvement Project,” which helps maintain more than 150 miles of New York City streets, “Pest @ Rest,” an environmentally green pest management business, and “Back Office of New York,” a direct mail and data processing warehouse. While trainees can also study to join the fields of security, advanced building maintenance, and culinary arts, in the end, The Doe Fund demands that these men keep bold promises to themselves and to the organization in order to make this unique relationship work. Graduates of the Ready, Willing & Able program must secure full-time employment and self-supported housing, must maintain their sobriety, and pay child support responsibly. In exchange, graduates are entitled to lifetime support through The Doe Fund’s Graduate Services program. It’s so rare to be given a second chance in one’s life and The Doe Fund needs to be commended for their tireless efforts in offering redemption to those who are sincerely deserving.

To kickoff the evening, before guests would file inside the Classic Car Club to honor the ‘Men In Blue’ and sample delicious delights on both sides of dinner and dessert a celebrity laden red carpet was held, hosting many high profile guests who came out to support The Doe Fund’s efforts. The LocalBozo cameras captured the seemingly ageless actors’ Grant Show (Melrose Place) and Katherine LaNasa (NBC’s Deception) as they made their way inside. It simply wouldn’t have been a red carpet without some of the “Real Housewives” stars making an appearance. And we were happy to see the popular reality show stars Ramona Singer (New York) and Cynthia Bailey (Atlanta) strutting their stuff for the worthy cause. We also caught glimpses of house DJ for the night Chelsea Leyland, stylist and the evening’s host Derek Warburton, and the breathtaking model Jessica White, who enraptured all in attendance as soon as she arrived. Local food mavens like Chef Kenneth Johnson (Pescatore), Keith Darrow and Matt Hughes (Tao), Harold Moore (Commerce), and former MTV personality and owner of New York City’s The Dalloway, Kim Stolz caught a sea of flashbulbs as the first guest onto the carpet. Catching up with Ms. Stolz, she extolled the virtues of The Doe Fund as a genuinely happy participant in the evening, and was anxious to show off The Dalloway’s tasty samples of chilled beet salad alongside such a variety of higher end Manhattan restaurants.

Once inside, the sights and smells that surrounded guests were unparalleled inside the chic event space. From the aforementioned salad and a crusted tuna from The Dalloway to Lavo’s bulbous meatballs, cocktails courtesy of Orient Express and fresh hunks of salmon from Pescatore, there were eats for all types of eaters here. But sweet: New York wouldn’t be as appropriate without a laundry list of desserts from the likes of Baked by Melissa, Magnolia Bakery, Lady M Confections, The Cupcake Bartender and many more. The ornate design of many of these baked treats made them art for the eyes and hard to pass up. But after smelling the fresh, sweet goodness, the gawking ended and we began to chow down and drink up, much like everyone else inside.

- Jane Van Arsdale

 Tao, Lavo, BLT Prime, Baked by Melissa, Magnolia Bakery, Smorgas, The Dalloway, Lady M Confections, Fatty Cakes, Pescatore, Hernan, West 3rd Common, City Chef Catering, The Cupcake Bartender, Terri Organic, Girasole, Kopali Organics, Orient Express
Flora Springs, Fox Run Vineyards, Spud Vodka, Great Brewers, Sierra Nevada, Smuttynose, Polaris Wines – Nandu & Heritance, New York Distilling Company

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