Events — 11 February 2013
Lorry Newhouse Delivers Taste of Fashion Week at 15 CPW

A Guest Blog From Fashion Consultant Elana Lichtman

The blizzard known as Nemo did not rain on the proverbial fashion parade this weekend. New York City’s Fashion Week is in full swing and had the opportunity to get a taste of what the week’s all about.

Despite some inclement weather, nothing would take away the glitz and glamour from fashion week, especially at the Lorry Newhouse show that took place at the ultra-luxurious 15 CPW on Friday evening.  Newhouse is a New York artist turned extraordinary fashion designer, with the Fall ’13 RTW collection being just her second presentation. But the relative newcomer seemed right at home with her expertly run show on this night. In fact, as guests descended into the presentation room, one would think that she had been designing for years. The meticulously crafted room looked like a live action moving painting, with models posing in front of a charming burgundy tapestry backdrop. Her twenty piece timeless collection was like eye candy, and at times made you forget that the models were actually standing front and center. The room was filled with the who’s who of the editorial world, from W Magazine to Vogue, all whispering and gazing around the room, definitely giving off a positive energy.

Newhouse’s presentation was a true classic eveningwear collection, with some pieces that could be worn from day to night.  The fabrics that the designer used were both stunning and intricate; from double layered Italian lace to rich metallic tweeds. The collection ranged from eye catching patterned suits to dazzling evening dresses. Her color storyboard was made up of predominately purple and variations of burgundy, with hints of metallic gold and silver to give off a shimmery effect. The models’ hair were swept up in a classic low bun, their eyes painted dark and finished off with warm burgundy color lipstick. The contrast was striking, yet very warm and inviting.

New York City’s annual Fashion Week really creates an unmistakable buzz and highly energetic atmosphere. Perhaps it’s because everyone that attends is looking for the next best thing – something new and different. But after Friday night’s show, in the eveningwear category, Lorry Newhouse might just be it.

- Elana Lichtman

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