Events — 10 October 2012
The Liddabit Sweets Candy Cookbook Launch Party at 61 Local

Blog: The Liddabit Sweets Candy Cookbook Launch Party

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If you think eating candy means going to a musty bodega and grabbing some factory sealed, preservative laden bar of boring then you have some learning to do friends! The world of sweets creations exists far beyond the walls of the faceless big box corporation. One Brooklyn based company is waking up bright and early everyday to prove that sweets are still magical and can be made with love just like the days when a kid named Chuck found a golden ticket. “Liddabit Sweets” is a five person Kings County based business specializing in handmade candy bars, caramels, honeycomb candy, lollipops and much more. They have passion for these morsels of love and work tirelessly to support local growers and producers to be a positive company and force in the community. If that isn’t enough, two of the company’s members wrote a cookbook: “The Liddabit Sweets Candy Cookbook: How to Make Truly Scrumptious Candy in Your Own Kitchen!” by Liz Gutman and Jen King, is available everywhere now! The crew made our way to Brooklyn’s “61 Local,” a fantastic Carrol Gardens beer bar for the book’s launch party.

The fall weather was perfectly crisp as we entered the brightly lit bar. Fans of sweets and cooking in general were already lining up to meet Ms. Gutman and Ms. King to chat with them and get their books signed. Both women were in full spirits with huge smiles on their faces. The signing area was kept super casual, allowing readers to literally sit at a long picnic table with the two authors while getting books personalized.

But what would be a sweets cookbook launch party be without some real life examples of the creators wares. And yes, there was plenty to be had. As the crowd hovered to get books signed, they were treated to a table full of delectable taste sensations. I would be remiss if I failed to mention the ice cream first. Team members doled out mini cones of overloaded chocolate mint ice cream stuffed with Liddabit Sweets’ “Humbug Bar,” a cocoa sablé cookie bar covered with white chocolate and crushed candy canes. Picture that inside of ice cold ice cream and you get a picture of true nirvana. This was quickly followed by what Liz Gutman called a “Choco-Mallow,” a round mound of goodness that was beautiful to look at, but a treasure to devour. If you like peanut butter stuffed in chocolate then you must try marshmallow instead. The combination of gooey marshmallow with a crisp chocolate shell is something to be experienced my friends. 

The vibe at 61 Local was ideal for this launch party. Both Liddabit Sweets and the aforementioned bar are true blue Brooklyn small businesses, therefore the attitude was extremely friendly and forward thinking. There is literally so much you can do to create homemade treats to impress your friends, and be fulfilled at the same time. We wholeheartedly suggest you pick up a copy of “The Liddabit Sweets Candy Cookbook: How to Make Truly Scrumptious Candy in Your Own Kitchen!” and get cracking on your very own dinner party conversation piece. Be sure to head over to their website as well to pick up some (or a ton) bars, caramels or whatever! Either way you’ll truly experience what real candy tastes like. It’s just that damn good.

- Jay Rubin

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